D&D 5E [+] Rangers should have monster fighting spells equivalent to Paladin's Smite spells. Discuss!


That's actually what I made base Hunter's Mark do, so it doesn't overlap with the main ability that grants an extra damage die.
Yeah it's insane that it's a capstone. Even if it were on every attack, but it's not even that, it's once per turn!
The WORST capstone.

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Thank you! I was also thinking Foe Slayer should just be an option, because I feel like +WIS to attack on a situation range of enemy is a stupid concept for a capstone ability. Would make it a second universal option with Deft Skirmisher. I've also considered Weakness Seeker going to 1d10 instead of 1d8 but I'm not sure.
I def think Weakness Seeker should be buffed. I was going to say 1d12 but 1d10 is a good conservative alternative imo.

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