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Having heard of a Dragon and some evil Clerics holding up within this legendary "Moat House", you and your comrades build up the courage to travel to Hommlet and slay the beast and rid the town of the dreaded evil worshippers.

Campaign: Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil
System: D&D 3.5
Level: 4th
Number of Players: 4
Books allowed: Any non-setting WotC. I've quite the selection of books at my disposal, if you wish to use something I do not have then you'll have to provide me with the information.
Posting rate: At least twice a week.
Special: No psionics. I'm looking for people that have not been on the module nor have run it before.

What I'm looking for from you at this point is this: A basic character idea (race, class) and a brief background. I'm not saying type me up a four page essay, hence the brief, but I would like to know a bit about the character you wish to play. Included in that background I want to know a bit about your family member that once saved Hommlet: Their name, how they were/are related to you, what their profession was. No character sheets at this time.
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I have never read the adventure or played the pc game just so I wouldn't ruin the adventure if I ever got the chance to play it. Every time I have seen this adventure come it it has already had a few dozen players trying to get in, so I am very interested.

My first choice would be a swordsage/warblade if you are allowing the tome of battle. If not I think I will go with a halfling rogue/warlock. Let me know and I will get the full concept and background up for the appropriate character.


Hey Twisted, I'd like to re-submit the concept I pitched for this game the first time around, if that's ok :p :)

Mahto Jilwise: human Bardic Sage (from Unearthed Arcana)

Delibrius Veerner was among those much-vaunted heroes who shattered the Temple of the Evil Elemental Gods. A crafty adventuring wizard, he bent his spells to cutting a fiery swath through the Temple's minions, and boosting his companions toward their eventual victory. Fate seemingly pays no mind to karma, however, and the many trials the group faced left Delibrius near-crippled. Seeing that his adventuring career was over, he used the funds and moderate fame from his final venture to found a university for bards, wizards, and all others who wished not simply to gain knowledge, but to learn how that knowledge might be put to use against those who would threaten peace and prosperity.

Mahto Jilwise is one of those students. An up-and-coming bard and scholar, he has studied closely with Delibrius, and has learned much of the lore pertaining to the Temple, an area of research that has become something of an obsession of his master over the years. Now, word has reached the school that suspiciously familiar happenings are being visited upon Hommlet. The knowing look that Mahto and Delibrius shared upon hearing the news said all that was needed; Mahto was the student most qualified to address the threat and put the university's principles into practice, and he was determined to see that the sacrifices made by his mentor and friend had not been in vain. Mahto's final examination has arrived.

Nac Mac Feegle

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This looks interesting. I'm thinking I might try to do an arcane caster of some sort - not sure which yet - haven't done one of those in a while. I'd probably play a rather strict and traditional guy, either the Warmage son of a fighter or maybe a Wu Jen.


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I'd like to play a character that's unused to the typical "because it's the right thing" adventuring motive, dragged into the situation by family ties he's not entirely comfortable with. Not a snarling jackass antihero, just a merc trying to hang onto his detached, professional demeanor in the face of the crazy trials of an adventure, the more fervent motivations of some other party members, etc.

Jessern Brightshield, Human Hexblade*

Jessern is an irreverent, blithely self-confident mercenary whose antics during his youth drove his parents to no end of hair-pulling. His semi-famous aunt Mona had only a little more disciplinary success with her stern lectures. When Jessern defied the Brightshields' tradition of the second child entering the clergy, neither she nor his parents made any attempt to hide their disapproval, and his relationship with his family cooled to remote cordiality over the years.

So it caught Jessern off guard when Mona Brightshield turned up at his door, relaying word of the happenings in Hommlet. A slightly tense conversation revealed that despite his wayward tendancies, the aging cleric had decided Jessern was the appropriate choice, the likeliest amongst the younger Brightshields and the martial acolytes of her church to successfully contest with whatever was stirring in the Temple.

So, wisely swallowing the cheeky impulse to bill his aunt for his time, Jessern agreed to, for once, do his family duty.

*Or some other Full BAB class with some casting sprinkled in - I'm having a hell of a time deciding between duskblade and hexblade.

Misc Notes:
Like I said, not Bad-Attitude Bob, just a guy who's usually not heroic. His motivations for going out to Hommlet are probably a mix of wanting to show up his aunt (and by extension, the religious tradition of his family), grudging respect for her, and the faint guilt that's replaced the glowering resentment of his family that he had when he was younger and hot-headed and ran away to become a arcane caster.

I'm also undecided what god the Brightshields have such close ties to, and will wait to see what the party's like before I decide (if I make it in!), but it'll probably be Cuthbert or Heironeous or one of that sort.
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I'd like to throw a human ninja out there. More of a rogue really, but I like the ninja skillset.

**edit was to include background**


Kanjo was raised by a man named Kato Danjo. Kanjo never knew if Kato was his father or not, and he never really cared. Kanjo spent many years training under Kato, and heard tales of a city he once was a part of saving, although very few people knew of the role he played.

Kato explained that he was nukinen, a rogue ninja or a ninja which had left without his lord's permission. Kato had left because his daiymo had tried to have him assassinated. Kato had traveled far to escape the reach of the daiymo and it seemed he had done so successfully.

Kato taught Kanjo his hard learned talents; stealth, hiding, jumping (Kato was famous for his jumping ability), just to name a few. Kanjo never surpassed his teacher's skills, but was beginning to come close.

Kato was dying in his bed when he told Kanjo that the town he had once helped save, was attacked again. He sent Kanjo to go aid the town, or die trying. Kanjo set out immediately, as he would never deny his master's wishes.[/sblock]
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Nac Mac Feegle

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Alright, clarifying my idea a little:

Shin Chao is the son of Shin Yang, the reknowned warrior who was the fighter who helped saved Hommlet. Like all his family, Shin believes extremely strongly in the value of family and tradition. Shin received arcane training from his uncle, an elderly Wu Jen, but it was his father who taught Shin the values of honor, duty, and loyalty.

With these beliefs drummed into him, Shin quickly fell into the profession of adventuring, and when he heard of trouble in Hommlet, his sense of duty gave him no choice but to travel there and do everything in his power to protect the community that he feels is now in some way the charge of his family.
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I'd like to play a human knight who is a distant cousin of the late Prince Thrommel who was discovered in the original T1-T4 adventure. He has earned his way to 4th level by fighting the minions of Iuz during the Greyhawk Wars and thereafter (seeing how Furyondy has essentially disregarded the Greyhawk Pact with regard to Iuz). He knows Iuz had a hand in the original temple's founding and seethes with anger at the thought of the temple rising to prominence again. If he hears there is trouble in Hommlet again, he would be only too happy to pick up his sword and lance and march to battle against the forces of elemental evil.

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