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Shadowrun.DnD5 'DNA/DOA'


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GM: So Fluffy could go either down the right/west or the left/east hallways as no one can see either way. Assuming it goes the way the mutants came from, as there might be more...

Fluffy beeps and heads east, down the hall where the mutants had come from. When it gets to the corner it and Diggs ghosting inside see that the hallway extends 30ft further deeper underground with a large heavy set door on the west and east sides of the hallway. The hallway itself continues another 30ft before turning to the east again. This hallway is only lite by emergency lighting and half of those have been broken or are flickering weakly. The pair can make out that it looks like someone or something was trying to tear out all the light fixtures in the hallway but most of the emergency ones are behind plated plexiglass or similar reinforced materials. Down near the turn in the hallway the pair also can make out some kind of 'debris' on the floor that looks vaguely like it might once have been a metahuman, but has been torn to very small pieces.

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Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
OOC: NTensity: Knowledge from beyond: 2D20.HIGH (1)+4 = [3, 9]+4 = 13 +2 Zen = 15
Spirit: Knowledge from home: 2D20.HIGH (1)+2 = [1, 3]+2 = 5

Impressively bad luck on those roll!

The washroom spirit looks like a woman in a pencil skirt, hair wild, head blind, wrapped up in flowing police tape, bare feet floating a feet off the floor and slowly dripping dark-red blood. Random pieces of her keep getting ripped away by unseen, impossibly large teeth.

The troll shakes his straight-horrned head: "There's- There''s something wrong here. And not just the f***ING murder-thing either. *That*- the whole lab almost threw up on me soon as I tried summoning a piece of it..." He rubs at his temple, not looking too reassured. "Those azzies werent't playing with just beakers down here, Juno..."

Hit by a sudden thought he swivels around to look at the dead mutants, his eyes doing that weird not-focusing-on-anything-you-can-see thing.

Or maybe that''s just the Zen.

Action: Astral perception, please. Have they been affected by magic/the corruption, GK? Most importantlg, we're they - or are they still - dual-natured?


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Action: Astral perception, please. Have they been affected by magic/the corruption, GK? Most importantlg, we're they - or are they still - dual-natured?

NTensity's perception slipped into astral space. Look at the mutant bodies he saw that their essence was quickly fading as with any other dead. They don't appear to have been dual natured creatures but it was not easy to tell with the meat bodies alone and not the "spirit" around anymore. The shaman could see that there was a slight magical aura about the creatures though... as if they had a sustained spell attached to them at one time but with their deaths it too had slipped away.

Fluffy rounded the corner out of sight of the rest of the team and continued down the hallway, as Sovereign muttered "We holding here or what?" Peering around the corner, Fluffy and Diggs see that the hallway continues maybe 70ft more and ends in another heavy security door and there were two additional doors on the northern wall. Something was very wrong with the door at the very end of the hallway though. It appeared that it had been damage and bent within the door frame. It was still blocking most of the room beyond but the pair could still make out flashing lights through the cracks. Examining the debris on the floor Diggs was fairly certain that at least two human sized metahumans were ripped apart here. There was little remaining but gore, some half eaten bones and the remains of what might once been clothing. Something consumed most of two adult sized metahumans here recently...


Digs calls Fluffy back and opens his eyes.

“Somethin’s here. Something big. Fluffy says it ate two big mutant thingies over there. And there’s a door nearly busted off it’s hinges. I says we go find out what it was and kill it to death.”


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Sovereign pips up "We need to find the data and the samples, not go find even bigger freaking... mutants! But then we got no clue where either are, so one way is as good as an other. If we could find an active Node I might be able to do something myself but we are in a freaking dead zone right now."


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While Ntensity is busy doing his thing, Juno keeps checking the bathroom. Partly to make sure it's secure, but mostly because she hoped there was some more to go on here. First contact with the enemy...and if anyone had been attacked in here, the odds were strong they'd dropped a purse or a wallet...

(OOC - Investigateto check bathroom stalls/sink etc [roll0])


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Juno checks out both bathrooms. The mens room is empty of anything beyond what one might except in a bathroom. The womens room's door had been ripped off and a large pool of gore along with totally destroyed clothing and some pieces of half eaten bones were scattered about inside. The cyber op did not see anything extra though and nothing like a wallet or purse or security badge or maglock passkey was in sight.

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