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NTensity slowly opened the large door and peered into the room beyond. He saw that the room appears similar to the room he was standing in with one important difference - it appears to have suffered no damage and it was not unoccupied. There was an unmanned security desk about 10 feet in front of the door. About 40 feet into the room there was a make-shift barricade built up of what appeared to be conference tables and desks. Behind it was a sole Aztechnology guard crouched down behind the barricade aiming a assault rifle towards the door. Sovereign whispered "That dudes broadcasting something, but their firewall is good. But I am detecting all kinds of wireless inside. I can try and sleaze in but I am going to be pretty helpless if I jump in full SIM..."

GM: [sblock=New Map]The X is the sole guard. But as NTensity is opening the door the two doors on each side of the room are also opening...
Map.DNA.DOA4.jpg [/sblock][sblock=Aztechnology HT (High-Threat) Security Guards]Medium metahuman (Human), Nonheroic 3/Fighter 2
Strength: 14 (+2), Dexterity: 14 (+2), Constitution: 14 (+2), Intelligence: 10 (+0), Wisdom: 12 (+1), Charisma: 10 (+0)
Combat: Ares Predator – attack +8, damage 2d8+5* ballistic
FN HAR rifle – attack +8, damage 2d8+4* ballistic
Collapsible Baton – attack +5, damage 1d6+2 bludgeoning
*smartgun link, re-roll 1s and 2s on damage.
Armor Class: 16 (base 14 +dex; Hardness 4/+3)
Initiative: +2
Hit Points: 28 (HD 3d4+2d8); Second Wind: 1d10+4
Base Speed: 30ft
Wound Damage Threshold: 20 (+3)
Saving Throws: Strength +5, Wisdom +3
Senses: Low-Light, Darkvision, passive Perception 14 (12).
Proficiencies: Light & Medium Armor, Light & Heavy Firearms, Medium & Simple Weapons.
Skills: Athletics (Str) +5, Intimidate (Cha) +3, Perception (Wis) +4. Tools: Vehicle (wheeled; +5)
Talents: Shootist (with firearms +1 to attack rolls and +2 to damage).
Feats: Armor Proficiency (light, medium), Point Blank Shot (+1 to hit and damage within base range), Weapon Proficiency (heavy firearm, martial weapons)
Cyberware: Cyber-Replacement Eyes (with Low-Light and Thermal vision upgrades), Smartgun Link (+2 to hit with smart firearms and rerolls)
Gear: Flak Vest with plates (Wt. 20lbs), Ares Predator (Wt. 5lbs, range 50/250, DT, heavy, reload/14m), two full clips of ammo (Wt. ½lb), FN HAR (smartgun link upgraded; Wt. 11lbs, range 100/500, autofire, burst, reload/40m) with two extra clips of ammo (3lbs), Collapsible baton (Wt. 1, finesse, holdout, light), Restrains (plastic, set of 6, Wt. 1lb), Uniform, Comlink (broadcast 1, firewall 20, Wt. ½lb), Gas Mask (advantage and +4 vs. inhaled toxins, -2 to Passive Perception).
As everyone has readied actions and no surprise, please roll Initiative and post your Actions. You only see one security guard right now but those opening doors...
Security Guards Initiative: 1D20+2 = [10]+2 = 12; 1D20+2 = [5]+2 = 7
Anonymous initiative : 1D20+2 = [9]+2 = 11

Note that the guard has 3/4 cover (+5 AC) due to the barricade (its around 3ft high on average) BUT has 1/2 the normal HP if you want to try and destroy section and he does not get the bonus if you are adjacent to the barricade.
Also if Sovereign goes full SIM as it where he is helpless (Incapacitated) for the duration
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Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
Ini: 1D20 = [13] = 13

"Crap!" NTensity jerks up his left hand, beefy fingers up, and a giant metal wall just springs up from the ground in response... *behind* the lone sec guard!

(Those with sharp eyes can see that it's covered in a subtle pattern of sharp feathers, like the protective wing of some impossible huge metal bird).

He then dodges back to the side, pressing his back against the open door as he drops the provided pack at his feet.

Planning to get a grenade next round.

[sblock=Actions]Cast Physical Wall, then dodge to the side. Check the side and south as well, see that nothing's moving there, please.

Wall: Do the doors open inwards, GK? If so, put the wall two lines behind the X, from E wall to W wall, in the middle of the doors so they can't be opened :devil:

If not - drat! -, put the wall one line behind the X so as to block off the re-enforcements from their side of the room, at least temporarely.

Question: How customizable is the wall? Could he, say, create it one foot shorter than the ceiling? Or close-off each door individually (basically straight across each door and along the backwall in between)?[/sblock]


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Initiative: 1D20+6 = [14]+6 = 20

The world blurred around Juno, slowing as she activated her neural acceleration hardware. Perceptual thresholds skewed, then stabilized, and she rushed forward across the room to the makeshift barricade with superhuman speed and peered over the top of it at the wide-eyed guard taking cover there.

A red dot appeared on his forehead. The pistol coughed, and the guard's head vanished in a haze of red mist and chunks of gore. Well, the top half anyway.

Juno then ducked down behind the barricade and made herself quiet and out of sight, just in case those reinforcements stormed through whatever hoodoo Ntensity had thrown out.

Pistol attack: 1D20+8 = [13]+8 = 21
2D8+7 = [7, 3]+7 = 17

Stealth with advantage (crafty action): 1D20+6 = [6]+6 = 12
1D20+6 = [1]+6 = 7

(OOC - Juno uses her 'haste' action to move, and her move action to cross the room to the barricade. She then attacks with a single pistol shot, for 21 to hit and 17 damage, killing the guard. She then uses Crafty Action to take cover behind the barricade and attempt to Hide...though rolls kind of crappily, lol...)


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Acting as quickly as thought Juno shot the security guard in the shoulder and moved up to try and hide behind the barricade. Unfortunately she heard guard curse in Spanish ("Get in here now...Ack, Damn! That hurt"). Devos raced towards the other side as he noticed the guards attention was focused on Juno while NTensity called down a barrier of magic to appear behind the guard and blocked both of the opening doors. Juno heard more cursing coming from both entryways. Diggs and Fluffy blasted the guard also but only the drone caught a piece of the guard by blasting through part of the barricade. The man's armor appeared to have soaked up most of the force of the blast though. Sovereign cursed as his hands moved about in AR as he muttered "Damn their security is good... let me try at least get us numbers..."

The guard then popped up and shot a quick three-round burst into Juno's side. The cyber-op was trying to dodge out of the way when the blast caught her square in the chest! Had it not been for her armor and her cybernetic systems she would have been cut in half! Luckily for her these two advantage mitigated the affects enough that she was only knocked back by the blast!

GM: Sorry there [MENTION=4936]Shayuri[/MENTION], I thought you mentioned you wanted to edit your post but I want to move things forward soooo..
20 - Juno
13 - NTensity and the rest of the team
12- Azechatecha Guards and Mystery
[sblock=Rolls and Results]Juno hit guard for 17-7 =10HP of damage (bringing him down to 18 hit points) and moved to try and hide behind the barricade
NTensity cast Physical Barrier as seen in OOC
Davos moves up to the barricade and hides
Diggs and Fluffy shot at guard; Diggers Attack (vs. AC 21); damage if he hits: 1D20+3 = [13]+3 = 16; 2D8+3 = [5, 4]+3 = 12, miss
Fluffy Attack (vs. AC 21); damage if he hits: 1D20+6 = [16]+6 = 22; 2D10+3 = [2, 4]+3 = 9, hit for 9-7 2HP of damage bringing the guard down to 16 hit points of damage
Sovereign uses AR to located other targets; Computer Use skill: 1D20+4 = [3]+4 = 7, fails

Guard pops up and shots at Juno (guard is considered to have advantage on Passive Perception/17. He knows where Juno is but not Davos); He is going to use Burst Fire (-2 to attack roll, +1d weapon damage if it hits) with his FN HAR Attack (vs. AC 18); Damage if it hits: 1D20+6 = [20]+6 = 26; 3D8+4 = [2, 6, 3]+4 = 15, oh ow a critical hit. I also get to re-roll the 2 due to his Smartgun link; critical damage and 1d8 re-roll: 4D8 = [6, 1, 4, 7] = 18. You don't get re-rolls on the critical damage so a total of 31 damage! Juno has 4 hardness vs. Ballistic damage bring it down to 27 but also Orthoskin (resistance: Piercing/Ballistic) so she suffers only 13HP of damage bringing her down to 17 hit points. It is not equal to her Damage Threshold so no extra affects.
Unknown does something
The unknown security guards do something[/sblock][sblock=Conditions]Juno HP 17/29
Davos HP 29/29
Diggs HP 47/47
NTensity HP 30/30
Sovereign HP 35/35

Security Guard HP 16/28[/sblock]Heroes actions!!

Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
"Can't be that f***ing many, or they'd h've cleaned up the mess out here, right?!" Here's hoping anyways, because that one guy is kicking their tails! (Is Juno even alive?!)

Kneeling, NTensity's clipping grenades to his clothes as fast as he can while gesturing Bessy through the heavy door, and then through the walls beyond: "Oh great spirit, please go forth and tell us the strength ofour opponents!" If you f***ing please?

Meanwhile his eyes go sort of unfocused and his fist clenches, as he gathers all his strength to move AND attunes his senses to the magical -- so he can hear her freaking astral reply.

[sblock=Actions]Move: Clip a tangler, a flash and a smoke grenade to his clothes for easy access
Action: Spend one Karma to regain Inner reserves: 3D8 = [7, 5, 6] = 18 MPs, back to full
Bonus: Switch to astral perception so Bessy can speak to him from the astral
Free: Glance down the south corridor, just in case Ugly wakes from his beauty sleep

Bessy's action: Go astral, move through the left and right door and report what she sees (Probably next round, before Ntensity's action? NTensity will delay during that round if need be) [/sblock]
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Davos leaps over the barricade and attacks the guard, his swords flashing.
Main Attack: [roll0], [roll1]
Bonus Attack: [roll2], [roll3]
Extra Attack: [roll4], [roll5]

Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
OOC: On the plus side, he's either got to drop his longarm now or eat the Disad

Juno's before us in the ini. Maybe she can drop him before we get there...?


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Juno pops back up over the barricade, trying to ignore the pain in her midsection. Her armor and orthoskin had stopped the rounds from getting through her skin, but the blunt trauma felt like a troll MMA fighter had spent a round just slamming its hamfist into her.

Her silenced gun chooped twice, and she quickly backed up behind the desk, looking for better cover.

Pistol shooty (double shot): 1d20+8 18 2d8+7 11 1d20+8 14 2d8+7 13


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Juno leaned over the barricade and shot the guard twice, although the second shot bounced off the man's armor. He staggered a bit from shock but its’ obvious that his armor absorb most of the blow. Then Davos flipped over the short wall and raced into close contact with the guard while slashing his sword in the man’s face. Unfortunately for the adapt, the man’s armor and reflex deflected the adapts blows. NTensity shifted his senses towards the astral plane as his spirit when fully back into astral space. Just as he was about to issues orders he noticed two things – first that there was an fire elemental making a bee-line straight at him and that the larger mutant was stalking out of the open doorway, using the gunfire to muffle its footfalls! Sovereign’s hands moved to what he was watching in AR and with a smile he said “Ha, cracked it. There are three guards on the western room and two on the eastern room. There are also two other active comlinks on the other side of the northern door!” At NTensity’s worrying Diggs and Fluffy turned and blasted away at the large mutant but Diggs’s aim was way off and the combat shotgun flechette rounds were deflected by the creature’s hide. It roar in rage at the sight of the team.

The security guards rifle fled to his side in its sling as the man quickly drew his pistol and blasted Davos center mass with almost a perfect shot! The adept will knocked off his feet and into oblivion! The others could not tell if he was alive or not! In astral space the spirit slammed into NTensity but the residual effects of the drugs he had taken mitigated any damage he would have suffered.

GM: Initiative
20 – Juno
13 - NTensity, Davos, Diggs and Sovereign
12- Azechatecha Guards, the Spirit and Mystery Man
[sblock=Rolls and Results]Juno hit with the first shot, missed with the second. Damage is 11-7 = 4 points of damage bring him down to 12 hp remaining.
NTensity uses a Bonus action to shift to astral perception. For his action he can either attack the incoming spirit just before it attacks him, or order his spirit to take an action.
Davos moved and missed the guard all three times.
Diggs (assuming NTentisty shouts a warning) fires at the big mutant, Attack (vs. AC 13); Damage if it hits: 1D20+3 = [1]+3 = 4; 2D8+4 = [6, 8]+4 = 18, natural one that’s a miss; Fluffy Attack (vs. AC 13); Damage if it hits: 1D20+6 = [6]+6 = 12; 2D10+2 = [2, 10]+2 = 14, oh missed by one!
Sovereign uses AR to located other targets; Computer Use skill: 1D20+4 = [17]+4 = 21, success.

Guard drops rifle (no action), part of his round draws one item (the pistol) and shots at Davos Attack (vs. AC 18), ballistic damage if it hits: 1D20+8 = [20]+8 = 28; 2D8+5 = [8, 8]+5 = 21, HOLY Cow, another crit and max damage with the first two die!! Yikes, critical damage: 2D8 = [5, 8] = 13, so 34 total damage minus 2 hardness brings Davos down to 0 hp!!! He will need a Death save next round. Sorry two critis from this guard! wow...
Big Mutant moves into the room stealthy = Stealth vs. Passive Perception (bonus from gunfire): 1D20+5 = [9]+5 = 14, good enough for those still in the room EXCEPT NTensity as he mentioned he looked back specifically to see if mutant was coming. This kind of all happened at once so the mutant does not get an extra action AS on its turn it was stealthing, etc.
Spirit attacks NTensity from the astral plane (because you are perceiving), astral attack, damage if it hits: 1D20+5 = [15]+5 = 20; 1D8+2 = [7]+2 = 9, hit for 9-2 (your astral hardness) 7 damage bringing him down to 2 temporary hps left. You still need to make a Constitution save DC 10 or your concentration spell (Physical Barrier) falls.
Also NTensity can make a Perception roll in astral space!
The unknown security guards do something[/sblock][sblock=Conditions]Juno HP 17/29
Davos HP 0/29
Diggs HP 47/47
NTensity HP 30/30 (+2 temp hp)
Sovereign HP 35/35

Security Guard #1 HP 12/28
Spirit HP 26/26
Big Mutant 50/69* yes more than he had when he ran away![/sblock][sblock=Fire Spirit] Medium elemental (fire spirit) 3
Armor Class: 14 (natural +dex; hardness 3 including vs. spells)
Hit Points: 26; Threshold: 19 (recover +4)
Speed: 30ft, Fly 60ft
STR 14 (+2), DEX 14 (+2), CON 14 (+2), INT 14 (+2), WIS 14 (+2), CHA 14 (+2)
Condition Immunity: Mind-Effects, Charmed, Frightened, Poisoned, Inhaled Effects.
Resistance: Magical Spells & Effects, Ranged Weapon Attacks.
Senses: Ignores Visual obscure penalties, passive Perception 14
Skills: Arcana +4, Intimidate +4, Investigation +4, Perception +4, Stealth +4
Flame Aura: while manifesting, melee attacks against it must make a Dexterity Save DC 14 or suffer 1d8 fire damage.
MagicalMagnitude 3; Magical Attack Roll +6; Saving Throw 14; Magical Points 15
Spells Known: Agony (Time 1 action, Magnitude 3, Range 120ft, Duration Until successful save), Fear (Time 1 action, Magnitude 2, Range Self, Duration up to 1 minute Concentration), [Fire] Bolt (Time 1 action, Magnitude 2d6 fire for 1, +1d6 fire per +1 mag, Range 120ft)
Astral Attack: Melee unarmed weapon attack +5 to hit, one target, Reach 5ft; Hit 1d8+2 damage.
Fire Breath: Ranged weapon attack +6 to hit, one target, Range 15ft; Hit 2d6 fire damage.
Flame Fist: Melee unarmed weapon attack +5 to hit, one target, Reach 5ft; Hit 1d8+2 fire damage.
Fire Bolt Spell: Ranged spell attack +6 to hit, one target, Range 120ft; Hit 2d6 fire damage base +1d6 per +1 mag (maximum 4d6).[/sblock]Heroes actions!! Davos needs a death save.

Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
OOC: Can Diggs use a karma point to boost Fluffy's attack?

Sneaky bastard sons of bitches!

NTensity raises his arm to block the fiery blow

OOC: (NTensity uses his reaction with the Parry feat: 9 damage - Parry with Astral strength: 1D10+2+3 = [9]+2+3 = 14 = 0 dam!)

"Hold him!" If he manifests, they're in big trouble! "Fire elemental, incoming! Sov, canyu get'us the fire control system?!" He's even forgetting to swear.

It's B-B-Q night at the Rejo Recombinación!

Ducking below the elemental's follow-up blow, the troll shaman raises both fists up from the floor - towards the charging mutant!

With a shower of blue sparks another wall bursts up from the floor, blocking the south corridor!

Meanwhile, in the astral, the dripping champion of cursed bathrooms everywhere is fighting : yellow police tape shoots out from seemingly every part of her, seeking to strangle, to tame, to smother!

[sblock=Actions]Free=Drop Armor
Standard=Cast Physical wall down the south corridor, hopefully catching the big mutant going at full speed (hopefully he gets a bloody nose)

That "Hold Him!" was directed at Bessy. If I understand you correctly, Bessy had an attack action last round too? She's going to try to grapple until she gets it, then straight damage, 2 attacks per round in the astral:
Grapple then smother: 1D20+5 = [19]+5 = 24; 1D8+2 = [3]+2 = 5
1D20+5 = [2]+5 = 7; 1D8+2 = [1]+2 = 3
1D20+5 = [6]+5 = 11; 1D8+2 = [2]+2 = 4
1D20+5 = [4]+5 = 9; 1D8+2 = [6]+2 = 8

Success grapple on the first try, then... Uh... She starts crying, apparently

Question, GK: Can you maintain a spell from the astral? (i.e. go full astral to confront the elemental AND maintain the walls?) The spirit task Sustain Spell sort of implies he can, but I just wanted to make sure)[/sblock]

ConcentrATION: Hold the line: 1D20+2 = [15]+2-2 = 15 Didn't need it after all
Astral perception Corner of the virtual eye: 1D20+4 = [7]+4 = 11
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(OOC - Okay, a little confused. Is the guard behind the barricade still the only physical target, or have reinforcements arrived?)


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GM: Yes he is the only guard. There are 5 others on the other side of the barricade in the two open rooms (those are the ones Sovereign warned you about). There is also a Fire Elemental in Astral Space and the big mutant creeping up behind you BUT Diggs and Fluffy are shooting at it and only NTensity can interact with the astral form of the elemental

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