D&D 5E Spell Versatility is GONE. Rejoice!

I'm so happy that sanity prevailed and Spell Versatility as we knew it from the UA is dead as Dillinger in Tasha's.

I'd have been OK with it on the Ranger, but that's only because the Ranger should've just been a prepared caster, anyway. But the full casters who stood to get it? Nope. No stepping on the Wizard's toes with a stiletto heel for you.

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Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
Meh. It mostly seemed to exist to give DMs who are overly bound to RAW and/or running AL permission to allow players to swap out spell choices they regretted, and was clearly marked as optional so DMs who didn’t need that permission could leave it out. I don’t really see that anything is gained by its exclusion. Nothing is lost by it at my table, but something may be lost at tables where the DM is afraid to deviate from RAW.

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