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Spelljammin' (5e PBP OOC) (Full)


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You all have convinced me to run Spelljammer!

I WILL run "Light of Xaryxis", so if you have the Spelljammer books, please do not read that adventure.

@Snarf Zagyg Playing Brother Phlox, Human Merciless Monk
@VLAD the Destroyer Playing Charlie Fathomless Warlock Sailor
@jmucchiello Playing Delphne High Elf Arcane Trickster Rogue
@Leatherhead playing Glau Plasmoid Beast Barbarian
@Lidgar playing Gunthar Fishmonger Dwarf Male Hunter Ranger
@Steve Gorak Playing Nicodemus Gnome Armorer Artificer
@Kobold Stew playing Sanderson Lizardfolk Wildfire Druid
@gnarlygninja playing Sweet William Harengon Ancients Paladin

UPDATE (Sep 20, 2022):

Here's what I need from you:

Level 5 Character, with a Background Feat. 400gp starting gold. Only consumable magic items. (Potions & Scrolls). Feel free to use the 1D&D Playtest packet, but be careful how you mix the old with the new. (In particular when it comes to feats).

The idea is (as an introductory to Spelljammer adventure) that the PCs have never HEARD of Spelljamming. I'd like to make up the starting setting (for now think of it as Generic Fantasy World) for reasons that will become clear later. So, I'd rather the PCs are from NON-SJ races. If you're really keen on a Giff or a Thri-Kreen, or whatever, we can talk about it. (There is room for one or two characters to be secret crew of a ship...)

Generally, all you need to know to come up with a character idea is this: You should be someone who would be near the docks in a fantasy port town on a particular weekday afternoon. A merchant. A smuggler. A bartender or barista. A street vendor or chef. A traveller. A coachman.

You don't even need to be someone who means to be an adventurer (though at level 5, you are very qualified) but, obviously, you need to be someone who would rise to the challenge.
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Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist
Will be running a dwarven ranger (retired) who is now a quite successful fishmonger, specializing in exotic deep sea delicacies.

Why do fishes always get to be monged?

Can't someone just be a good ol' sandwichmonger? Friedchickenmonger?



Mmmmm...fish chracuterie boards might just have to be his specialty now!


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