The Hunt for the Blue Palace (Yoon Suin/Troika!)


the magical equivalent to the number zero
As if changing his mind, Pinpehlu returns to the bags he just dropped, and rummages inside. After a few seconds he holds up his flask of oil and a piece of cloth. Then he looks around the room for something that could be used as a torch when combined with this; a length of wood or something similar. Once he has found what he's looking for, the porter wraps the cloth around it and douses the stuff in oil.

"I will make fire," he explains, "It may help to scare them off."

Then he turns to Subotai. "Friend, do you think your words of justice can sway the spiders? Or perhaps a promise of painful rebuke?"

OOC: Pinpehlu can be the third at the stairwell entrance, holding his hook in one hand and the torch in the other. (Do I need to roll something in order to light that torch, or can I assume Pinpehlu just has the skills?)

So the other two of us can hold the other entrance. Where do we want the Tamasic Men?

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Dusty Dragon
OOC: the spiders will be coming out of the spiral staircase. There is no other way for them to gain access to the second floor (unlike the top where they can swarm) 3 of you (Dubi Gan, Pinpelhu and Frog Froth) can attack them as they try to do so. If you get too hurt you can tap out and be replaced by someone else - Subotai, Miu or one of the tamasic who are armed.

The non-combatants are keeping eyes on things - the arrow slits and the door below, so you can focus on fighting.

To speed things up a bit, I am going to ask you ( @FitzTheRuke , @JustinCase and @wingilbear ) to make three opposed combat rolls each.


"They won't be very receptive to any threats or legal reminders, I'm afraid." Subötaï replied to Pinpehlu, slowly drawing his longsword as the combat seemed inevitable.

OOC: Sorry, I'm late. So if anyone prefers to swap place, just say so.


Dubi Gan was nervous, but he did his best to get ready. He briefly considered feeding Tamasic Men to the Oliphane, but he put it aside as a last-ditch effort.

OOC: Sword1: 2D6+1 = [3, 1]+1 = 5; 1D6 = [1] = 1 (4 damage)
Sword2: 2D6+1 = [6, 6]+1 = 13; 1D6 = [2] = 2 (6 damage)
Sword3: 2D6+1 = [4, 6]+1 = 11; 1D6 = [6] = 6 (8 damage)

Uhm. My notes say DB's stamina is at 8/14. But they also say that his luck is 9/9 when I'm pretty sure it's at 6/9. So... I think my note-file didn't get saved. Is he still injured from the last battle?


Dusty Dragon
OOC: @FitzTheRuke As far as I can tell, last time you healed was on post 342, - you had taken 10 (yikes!) points of damage in a single hit, ate a bit and healed up to 8. I'll also note that your totals above are wrong because you forgot to add your base skills (don't worry I'll correct for you, no need to re-roll!). Dubi Gan's rolls are pretty good overall though so you should be able to survive a bit of combat before pulling out....


Dusty Dragon
First rolls vs Pinpehlu

your torch gave you a small advantage, but they didn't seem particularly afraid of fire (I will rule that in this circumstance it allows you to auto-win ties)

Ophilones vs pinpehlu: 2D6+7 = [1, 5]+7 = 13
1D6 = [2] = 2
2D6+7 = [2, 6]+7 = 15
1D6 = [3] = 3
2D6+7 = [5, 2]+7 = 14
1D6 = [4] = 4

All right! Pinpehlu wins the first two engagements narrowly, landing two hits, but gets a bit overconfident and gets jabbed with a very sharp leg. You take 3 points of stamina damage (I counted your armor). However, you manage to inflict 4 points of damage - not enough to kill a spider, but enough to make it vulnerable to an attack.

Spider kill count: zero


Dusty Dragon
(so the corrected totals for Dubi gan are 11, 19 (a mighty blow!) and 17)

Ophilones vs Dubi Gan: 2D6+7 = [5, 1]+7 = 13
1D6 = [3] = 3
2D6+7 = [2, 5]+7 = 14
1D6 = [5] = 5
2D6+7 = [5, 4]+7 = 16
1D6 = [6] = 6

Dubi Gan's first attempt are rewarded with a painful gash, you take 2 points of damage (reduced because of your shield). You follow with a mighty hack (mighty blow inflicts 12 points of damage!) and a cunning stab. You are hurt, but 2 spiders have fallen. The Opilones push them out of the way and keep coming...

(now waiting for Frog Froth's rolls).

@Fradak: I'm asuming that Dubi will pull back so if you want to do the 3 rolls now you can for next round, I know your schedule is tight.

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