The Hunt for the Blue Palace (Yoon Suin/Troika!)


Dusty Dragon
As the porter hesitated, his friend cleaved in half a spider that actually managed to push into the room (14 dmg sheeesh).

Heartened, he dove in the fight.

pinpehlu second go at the stair spiders: 2D6+7 = [6, 5]+7 = 18
1D6 = [2] = 2
2D6+7 = [5, 3]+7 = 15
1D6 = [5] = 5
2D6+7 = [4, 5]+7 = 16
1D6 = [1] = 1

It did not go well, although he did manage to gouge one injured by Frog Froth, finishing it off. You take 4 damage for your troubles.

Spider death count: 8

There was another lull in the fight, as the spider-beings started hauling off more corpses from the stairwell. Whooooooopppp calls started ringing out. Were they retreating?

What does the party do?

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Is there another means of escape? Are they covering the front door while they try to come in through the top? Tell us what you can see through the arrow slits.


Dusty Dragon
One of the elders whispered "They are going down the walls!"

Retreating in the same "corner lines", the ophilones pulled back, carrying their dead with them. Was it to bury them? Eat them? Nobody knew. After a few minutes the swarm had moved south and out of view. Everyone kept silent, looking out the arrow slits. No noise came from above. No rearguards or scouts could be seen.

What do you do?


Dusty Dragon
The elder replied " We are from the Oligarchy of Silash Vo. We were expelled by the inhabitants - we were too repulsive, and too weak to make slaves. We tried to find refuge in the Yellow City but found no peace there either. 3 years ago we fled here, and made a house here. We have stayed hidden - away from the brigand, the spiders, the monsters. Food is scarce, some of us have died of illness. But at least we aren't persecuted.

I thought you had brought doom upon us all. Instead the spiders will fear this tower now, so thank you. How can we repay you? We have so little..."


Dusty Dragon
The Tamasic men look at each other, confused and a bit ashamed.

After asking for a few more details, the elder responds:

"We... we were told to seek a building that matches that description. It was said to be near the edge of the city. But we encountered hostile dwarves and they chased us off. We got lost... my brother stepped into a trap and died of his wounds. We found this tower and took refuge. We... don't really know where we are... "


Dubi Gan had been inclined to kindness toward these unfortunates, but now he knew why they were known as failures. Still, he told them, "We need no reward from you, then. Our finding refuge here from the spider-folk was reward enough. We will continue our search."

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