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The Hunt for the Blue Palace (Yoon Suin/Troika!)

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Dusty Dragon
The party cautiously left the tower, wary of more ophilinone spiders, but saw none. It was now mid afternoon, and the weather was particularly hot and stifling. They made their way east, passing south of the hunters' fort. The defenses and traps made more sense now - the spiders were a menace.

They then angled south-east - or so they hoped. Can I have an awareness check please?


Dusty Dragon
Frog Froth once gain successfully guided the party through the ruined and overgrown twisting streets of the old city. The party started searching the area immediately north of the red road and near the yellow city. From time to time, sounds from the bustling metropolis could be heard. This close to the city there was sometimes evidence of inhabitants coming in to hide, gather herbs or firewood, but never more than a few dozen yards in.

The party heard them first - perhaps children playing? But the voices were strange. In a small clearing, 7 winged beings played an odd games, with symbols drawn on the grounds and some nonsensical stick passing back and forth. They were perhaps 3 feet tall and purple in color.

Miu, Frog froth and Dubi Gan can make skill checks to recognize what they are.

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