The "I Didn't Comment in Another Thread" Thread

I love that you can tell D&D is not just cool but mainstream cool because of the entire subculture that has sprung up around how basic it and its fans are.

"Myself, I only play postpunk prewave German tradstory games from Spring 1993. You've probably never heard of them. Why, what do you play? Dungeons and Dragons? <Incredulous hipster laugh>."

Indie ttrpg twitter will bag on 5e players all day and then be like "what, me, gatekeeping? no..."

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Midnight Club is on my list of things to watch soon. But I'm surprised to hear that people are comparing it Hill House and Midnight Mass. Fear Street is the direct comparison, no? 90s YA horror novels turned into Netflix limited series?

Whatever the source material, I don't know if I'd classify the Midnight Club series as YA.

Netflix rates it as TV-MA, for mature audiences.


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Lots of hand-wringing about "digital D&D" these days, but I'm not worried. I was never going to subscribe to digital D&D content anyway. Never. Zero interest. They could make every new release 100% web-based and lock everything behind a subscription paywall, and it wouldn't bother me. I'll still be over here playing 5E D&D, just like I was planning to do long before all of this hubbub started.

It's interesting to follow, but it's not wrecking my blood pressure.
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"So Fruska [the Goliath] and Henri [the Gnome] really need war mounts that can be effective. We're thinking donkey and toy-breed dog mix should be just as good for both the march and combat as the Destrier or Mastiff, and much cheaper!"
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