The "I Didn't Comment in Another Thread" Thread


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There are two ENWorld posters fighting inside me. One who feels true sympathy for the isolated and bitter posters and their obsessions and hopes they figure out a way to enjoy themselves. The other is William Shatner on SNL.

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Thomas Shey

I don't know who needs to hear this, but: that other game you keep bringing up in every discussion and every thread, the one that's supposed to be so much better than 5E D&D? It's not.

It doesn't have fewer problems; it just has different problems.

Yes, even that one.

Well, the problem is that likely they simply don't agree with your premise here. Even people who acknowledge that a given game system is not lacking in flaws are not required to agree that the magnitude of flaws is unitary with 5e. That at the least requires that they consider all the flaws other people see are flaws, or at least are as important, and I think that's probably a big ask.

(I'll be dead honest: I'm one of them. I try not to spend all my time proselytizing for other games, because I recognize the difference in perception, but selling me that a number of other games have as many problems as D&D 5e makes no sense, because if I genuinely agreed with that, I'd be more willing to play it. In a certain broad, but largely useless sense its obviously true, but that's never what people are really saying).


He'll flip ya...Flip ya for real...
There was one person who used to lean into that direction so much I had him blocked even though I agreed with his general position about 90% of the time. Life is just to deal with that sort of attitude on a regular basis.
I hear that. I have blocked more folks for just their demeaner and broken record posting than folks who are offensive or violate board rules.

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