The Kolloseaum: Team Go Hard or Go Home (DM: Iron Sky, Judge: Luinnar)


OOC: [MENTION=60965]Iron Sky[/MENTION] I just wanted to say thank you for running this, I very much enjoyed it and am looking forward to more L4W!

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OOC: I just realized Dina never got a second (judge) approval. Can someone rectify this?

OOC: Looks like I never got fully approved either (Never noticed your comment on there before [MENTION=60965]Iron Sky[/MENTION]. I removed the merchant background and benefits so it should be good now, just need the official approval and move out of requesting approval catagory.

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
GM: Updated the awards. [MENTION=44459]Luinnar[/MENTION], mind looking it over and throwing an approval our way.


First Post
The crowd cheers the group all the way out of the arena. After a quick stop by the Emporium to spend their vouchers, the group suddenly finds themselves on a ferry and within an hour of their climactic battle are standing back in the streets of Daunton outside the Hanged Man...

GM: Final notes: Fight 1 should have had less minions. Hard to do with level 1 party though, if they were level 3, I could have just used a horde of level 1s to make it harder. Of course, I was rolling crappy (I think 5 of the goblins died tripping and falling into the boiling harbor) which didn't help.

"Fight" 2 was fun even if the traps could barely hit anything.

Fight 3 → Frogs suck. Should have picked monsters that were less lame. Was in a hurry when I put it together though and just threw the frogs and ape in after carefully picking the wilden. At least I didn't have you guys fight that beholder like I was originally thinking...

Last, x2 "To the Death" xp multiplier was waaay to high, especially since it had no hard mechanical effect aside from making the traps a bit harder and throwing in the "twist" at the end of round 3. In retrospect, I shouldn't have allowed the Octo-shark blasting given that To the Death was in effect. As crazy busy as RL has been the last couple weeks, I was a bit out of it though; don't think I've gotten more than 6 hours of sleep a night in the last week or more.

Can't do much if the dice are cold though. The other arena team is having a much harder go of it, but then 9 level 5.3 players gives you much more room to work with. :)

Thanks for playing guys! Good luck with your future adventures.

[sblock=Treasure]Time GP: October 4 to December 8 = 66 days. (66 / 365) * 756gp = 137gp.

Corragan: Claw Gloves(Level 3), 177gp.
Ignatz: +1 Carnage Gouge(Level 3), Talisman of the Jade Ghost(Level 1), 217gp
Dina: +1 Chieftain's Longspear(Level 3), 287gp
Rilissa: +1 Longsword of Defense(Level 3), +1 Cloak of Resistance(Level 2), 137gp
Sha'kar: +1 Point Blank Repeating Crossbow(Level 3), 217p[/sblock]

[sblock=XP]Time XP: October 4 to December 8 = 66 days. (66 / 365) * 1000xp = 181xp.

Match 1:
Goblin Warmonger Rikroc: Level 4 Artillery(Leader) → 175xp
Goblin Sorcerer: Level 3 Controller: 150xp x 2 → 300xp
Goblin Sniper: Level 1 Artillery: 25xp x 4 → 100xp
Goblin Assaulter: Level 1 Brute: 25xp x 8 → 200xp
Goblin Shield Bearer: Level 1 Soldier: 25xp x 8 → 200xp
Minor Hazard: +100xp
Total: 1075xp x 2 (To the Death) = 2150xp

Match 2:
Motley Collection of Traps → 750xp
Extreme Hazard: +300xp
Total: 1050xp x 2 (To the Death) = 2100xp

Match 3
Beast Lord 1: Level 2 Soldier → 125xp
Beast Lord 2: Level 2 Lurker → 125xp
Beast Lord 3: Level 4 Artillery → 175xp
Rock Frog: Level 2 Skirmisher → 125xp
Dust Frog: Level 2 Controller → 125xp
Ape: Level 4 Skirmisher → 175xp
Extreme Hazard: +300xp
Total: 1200xp x 2 To the Death = 2400xp

Grand Total: 6650xp x 2 = 13300xp / 5 = 2660xp + 181xp = 2841xp[/sblock]

[sblock=DM Credits]2 Months x 2 DM Credits = 4 DM Credits[/sblock]
GM: Approved, congratz everyone!

And 5 DM credits for Iron Sky because I like to round up.

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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