[+] The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power - SPOILERS ALLOWED


Amazon spent WAY too much money on rights to not use the LoTR name!
I know that.

Just as House of the dragon has to compete with GoT seasons 1-4, but luckily it also has to compete with GoT seasons 7&8.
if HoD goes to level of GoT season 5, it would be great.

same for RoP, GoT season 5 would be a great mark for that show, but I doubt it.

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There are no "stories" in the appendix (apart from the tale of Aragorn and Arwen, most of which made it into the extended edition of the movies). As in "here are some characters, and this stuff happens to them" (there isn't much of that in the Silmarillion either, JRRT did not think it was suitable for in a suitable state for publication when he died). The poems are a significant source with regards to narrative. There is a timeline in the appendices.
My point is, and it may have been missed but the appendices are the ONLY source of info they are allowed to use.


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Good points. I noticed the eye thing, and I was wondering about the "cold fire". It reminded me of the One Ring staying cool even after it was thrown into the fireplace.
That's a very good point! And Nori's line - "It isn't hot." - echoes Gandalf's "It's quite cool." when he gives the ring to Frodo.


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So, with Galadriel hot on his tail, Sauron jumps into a giant catapult and launches himself into a low orbit. A couple of weeks later he comes crashing back down to Middle Earth somewhere near the future location of Dol Guldur.

Yup, that sounds just like the sort of thing Tolkien would write...
I recall a letter to some physicist at Oxford discussing the orbital dynamics of an ideal Maia with cylindrical symmetry.

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When Tolkien visited the USA he was dismayed about just how seriously people were taking his work, which he was well aware was just a piece of fiction created for his own amusement. He was concerned that is had become a substitute for "true" religion, as he believed it. By that time he was too old to do much about it, although he touches on those issues in his forward to LotR.
He should see the weird creeps on Facebook, with their names spelled out in Norse runes, talking about how it's a "legendarium of the Anglo-Saxon people."

JRRT would be thrilled to see the ordinary pedants, in contrast.

Whizbang Dustyboots

100% that gnome
There are, of course, many other spirit beings in Middle Earth. Tom Bombadil has been mentioned, but there is also Goldberry, and the balrogs. Even the balrog of Moria is a shapechanger (and is glimpsed briefly in a trailer) and could hypothetically appear in human guise. And might even have fallen during the Second Age.
Wasn't that balrog a leftover from the First Age?

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