Dragonlance There's A New Dragonlance Novel Coming

After all the legal drama between WotC, Margaret Weis, and Tracy Hickman recently, this probably won't surprise anybody. However, on Amazon, there is now a placeholder for a Dragonlance paperback novel set for a 29th July release this year.

The 2020 lawsuit referred to a trilogy - Dragons of Deceit, Dragons of Fate, and a third book.


As expected, it's by Weis and Hickman, and being published by Del Rey which is the sci-fi and fantasy imprint of Penguin Random House. It's 304 pages. And that's pretty much all we know!

After the lawsuit was dropped, Margaret Weis tweeted that exciting news was coming; it looks like this is that exciting news.

Dragonlance is a legacy D&D setting and best-selling novel series created in the mid-1980s by TSR, the then-owners of Dungeons & Dragons.

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That is a short novel by today's standards isn't? Still, looking forward to more info.
Yes very short by today's standards, but also quite short by earlier Dragonlance novel standards - the first one is 448 pages, and most are around 400 pages.

Not really looking forward to it, I have to say. Pretty much everything that was ever cool about Dragonlance got trashed in one of the (many) later novels.

wicked cool

its been a long time and I honestly didn't read all of the lance books that came after the twins series. With todays rules I don't know I I can say spoilers but did they rewrite history at any point (Sturm/Flint etc ) or is this most likely a lost tales book

Will it continue the metaplot after the war of souls? What does it happen with the third continent?

Will DM guild open a space for Dragonlance y 3PP?

In the past I felt a lot of curiosity about Dragonalnce characters drawned with a Disney look, but today I don't worry too much if this is possible by fanart. I think Disney would love to produce a CGI serie, but today Hasbro has got a deal with Paramount.

After Baldur's Gate III and a sequel of Planescape you can bet about a Dragonlance franchise. Here the fandom may allow optional retcon, for example to choose a different list of PCs.

If my past theory about future event causing the reboot of the D&D multiverse is true, Dragonlance would be one of the most affected.


I have conflicted feelings about this. Thus far, I have been very impressed with the quality and standards of the 5th edition WoTC materials, thus, publishing separately makes me wonder about the rigor and frankly likability of this new work. We shall see!

Hate to be a pessimist, but does this signal as well a lower degree of likelihood that WoTC will publish an official DL campaign setting this year?


Sure, there's something to that, but it also risks damaging the brand image. Weis & Hickman can seem "rejected" and WoTC can seem overbearing or jettisoning their initial creatives, which does not bode well for attracting new talent, etc.

But anyway, it does interest me how the Chronicles and Legends seemed so formative and high quality and after the later works by Weis and Hickman still seemed good to me, but lacked that spark or energy. I wonder if this observation is more a function of the zeitgeist of the time, me changing as a reader, a slackening of the creative energy or a mélange of the above.

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