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D&D 5E Tracy & Laura Hickman Announce Skyraiders of Abarax

Tracy and Laura Hickman, known for the Dragonlance setting and the original Ravenloft module, have announced a D&D 5E setting called Skyraiders of Abarax. It will be coming to Kickstarter this fall. There's not much more information yet, other than a mailing list for updates and a single (stunning) art piece.

Their Facebook page actually says "AD&D 5E", rather than "D&D 5E", although I'm not sure whether that's significant.

"Tracy & Laura Hickman's first adventure world since Dragonlance ... coming to AD&D 5E through Kickstarter this fall! Join us in the creation of Sky-high Fantasy discovered through magical books brought to life our unique 'Living Tome System'."


There's also a couple of other art pieces floating about on social media.

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


The Living Tome system sounds ambitious, and I'll admit I am skeptical. Still it sounds like you don't need it to use the books, and hopefully development on that doesn't hold the rest of it up.

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I almost backed it, but the whole Living Tome thing kind of turned me off. I could just ignore that part of it, I guess, but part of me worries it's zero sum in terms of effort: any time they spend making the digital part work is time they aren't spending on basic content.

Dire Bare

I'm really impressed with the production quality we've seen so far. While that doesn't necessarily translate into a great game, it's a good sign! The deluxe editions look like they are going to be gorgeous!

Tracy Hickman has managed to be a major contributor on a lot of fantasy properties I've really enjoyed, not the least of which is Dragonlance. I'm giving this a shot for the digital books, I think $30 for two digital books is a pretty good deal!


New Publisher
I'm intrigued by the Living Tome, and want to know more......I'm about 90% sure I'll back, but I have SO MANY SETTINGS already....that I'll never play.


Looks like it'll give Level Up a run for its money on Kickstarter. I'd rather have adventures from from the Hickman's as I think they are good adventure designers but I trust they'll be able to put together a professional product.

Sometimes I wish WOTC would put out ultra-premium editions of their new books and not just a different cover. The pledges for this Kickstarter show a fairly wide range of pledges for different formats of both books. As of this post, 324 people buying the $30 pdf set, 644 buying the $100 hardcover set, 220 buying the $180 collector hardcover set, 72 buying the $250 complete set (hardcovers plus extras), and 143 buying the $330 Collector's complete set (collector hardcovers plus extras).

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