D&D Movie/TV Update: new theaters added. See the D&D Movie Wednesday and get a Faerun cloth map!

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Well Neverwinter is on the Map, but pretty sure that’s a map of Faerun.

Well two thirds of Faerun roughly. It leaves off Mulhorand, Calimshan, Chult, Tethyrs, Dambrath, Luiren, Halruaa, Unther, Tymanther, THAY!, etc...

But the one interesting thing it shows on the map is Chondath, Chondath was wiped out in the Spellplague, but unlike Mulhorand, Halruaa and Unther, Chondath's was not covered in the SCAG, its Sundering fate completely unknown.

I believe the movie is set in the current era (correct me if I'm wrong).


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So are they giving away the cloth map or the print? Or is it too late on the cloth map?

The timing on this could not be worse for my schedule. Grrr....

If you look at the map, you see that in addition to minor locations relevant to the movie, like Revel's End, being shown, only the Sword Coast region is shown in detail, with the cities from Lusken to Baldur's Gate receiving outlines on the map. No other cities are are shown at all, the rest of the map is limited to "nation" level.

Nice work from the artist on capturing the the medieval look though.

Pretty sure this was created as a movie prop.


Closest "Fan Event" theatre to me is in Buffalo, 2 hours and 1 international border away. Not really worth a cloth map. Although it does look pretty cool and I wouldn't mind having one. Oh well. :confused:
I just saw this, what theater in Buffalo was it at, Regal Galleria or Regal Quaker Crossing. Im in Buffalo (it sucks) but I have tickets for this Sunday and have to run errands today which will take me by both malls so I might see if they have any left.

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