D&D Movie/TV Update: new theaters added. See the D&D Movie Wednesday and get a Faerun cloth map!

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Having kids there was no way I could make it to the showing on a school night so I did the next best thing and bought one of my brothers a ticket to go as my proxy. Just before his showing started he sent me a pic of the map and poster he received (he also mentioned the drinking cup had some sort of chest on top of it?) It is with a sense of irony that I note that my brother is not that big on fantasy and, courtesy of me, he is seeing this movie before I am. (I'm taking the family this weekend and seeing it with my old gaming buddies the week after.)

He used to work in the film industry on the CGI side of the house and has a reputation for being a harsh film critic, I'm kinda curious to hear his thoughts on the film as he will approach it from a vastly different angle from me.


Here's the map, it's decent cloth and is 11x17. The edges are kind of serrated, but my phone decided to crop it closer and remove the edges.
Forgotten Realms Honor Among Thieves cloth map.jpg

This is weird. It looks great except it stops too soon eastwise and south.

Well two thirds of Faerun roughly. It leaves off Mulhorand, Calimshan, Chult, Tethyrs, Dambrath, Luiren, Halruaa, Unther, Tymanther, THAY!, etc...
Watching the movie, I noticed the map in the title sequence, although the same as this, seemed significantly wider west-east. CinemaScope rather than A4. I couldn't read the details without freeze-frame, but I suspect it might have stretched to Thay.

Also, the title sequence map looked to have been embroidered.
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I feel like I've seen a paper version of that very map at some point. Anyway - there is someone selling them on ebay for like $15 a piece. They seem to have a bunch - probably a theater worker who grabbed a box.

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