D&D Movie/TV Update: new theaters added. See the D&D Movie Wednesday and get a Faerun cloth map!

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Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
69 is far from old.
But it's not far from potentially having serious health problems. I'm nowhere near my late 60s, and even at my age, I have friends and former classmates who've been struck down by very serious health issues.

Anyway, just baseless speculation responding to the way they're describing that piece of art.

Swedish Chef

I just saw this, what theater in Buffalo was it at, Regal Galleria or Regal Quaker Crossing. Im in Buffalo (it sucks) but I have tickets for this Sunday and have to run errands today which will take me by both malls so I might see if they have any left.
Galleria was the only one showing on the site as having a Fan Event.

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