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Vader vs Soth: Fight! Who wins?

Who wins?

  • Vader

    Votes: 24 64.9%
  • Soth

    Votes: 13 35.1%

  • Total voters

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Lord of the Hidden Layer
Vader wins with just two words: "Imperial Interdiction."

Soth can do whatever he wants on the planet, but he can never leave - say to find and confront Vader again. Vader in contrast can go wherever in the galaxy he wants and do whatever needs doing, untroubled by Soth.

P.S. Absent some stats to compare, the question has no true solution.


Foggy Bottom Campaign Setting Fan
Soth and Vader exchanges strikes inconclusively. The magic of Soth's armor is able to block a lightsaber and Vader's full suite is impervious to the feeble warriors strikes. Mastery in magic and the Force as similarly proven equally useless as each other can cancel the other's attack and they resorted to a sword fight.

Soth: "I'll kill you and play with your innards, using your intestine as a lasso to strangle your followers!"
Vader... ponders for a second.
Soth: "You'll soon die, male inheritor of a she-dog!" [the fight is narrated in a book for family audience]
Vader: "Soth... I am your father."
Soth: "Noooo....."
Vader (chopping his hand off): "it works e-ve-ry single time."


Well, comedy is a staring word. But we try! I’ve written and performed in coming up to 200 skits now. They get … mixed … reactions.
I just listened to a couple. I had no idea. You got a new subscriber on Stitcher. I'm always looking for new podcasts to listen to while I'm working.

Sorry for the sidetrack. It genuinely was news to me.


Not sure in Soths stars but Vader was started out at level 19.

South probably be a souped up death knights, lightsabers are radiant damage in 5E terms.

So it would depend on how you stat out Soth but it's not looking great for him.

Level Up!

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