D&D 5E Vecna Adventure Next Year and Obilesks *SPOILERS*

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Also, do you remember where in the book you found that spoiler from the other thread? I've been looking for it in the Shattered Obelisk and I can't find it.
I put the text in question on the first page here, it's after the end of the Advenproper right before the Appendices begin.


Do we have Vecna to thank for the current version of 5E?

Vecna has remained a core part of every canon since 2E; he was even a member of 4E's core pantheon.

Looking back, we can say that "he made himself important."

I really like the possibilities of all of this.

Setting up hooks and possibilities is what WotC job is, really.
Vecna, as he goes off to make ANOTHER Edition multiverse


Ok, I've read a few times, and your post again. I'm referring to this information, because I want more info about this:

So what I'm looking at from that passage specifically is:

"A mysterious group called the Weavers created the obelisks to undo great calamities - often hurling a region or an entire world back in time before the calamity occurred..."


"No one knows anything about the Weavers because the evil wizard Vecna stole the secrets of the obelisks and used them to erase the knowledge of the Weavers from existence."

The most obvious mea ing of this text to.me is that Vecna hijacked the time travel Obelisks (which as we know from Icewind Dale, still work), and went backwards in time and committed cosmic genocide against tje Weavers so that they wouldn't be a threat to him or ever learn what knowledge he gained from them. Hence, the D&D world as it exists as of the Ahaytered Obelisk is the result of Verna manipulating the timelime for.hisnown purposes. Which I have zero doubt we shall hear more of soon.

It brings to my mind the events of the Last Great Time War in Doctor Who, which set up the soft reboot of modern Doctor Who:


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