D&D Movie/TV Watch This Honor Among Thieves Clip (With a Cameo from the D&D Cartoon Adventurers!)

Paramount has shared a clip of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. The 3-minute scene features the heroes navigating an arena maze, a displacer beast, a mimic, a gelatinous cube, the D&D cartoon characters, and Hugh Grant's villainous Forge Fitzwilliam.

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Here are here are some screenshots.
Diana is in her original outfit; no Uni.
The other group has a dwarf and one non-human (Dragonborn?) but can tell much more.


A suffusion of yellow
Yeah, it looked more like the displacer beast was using it’s tentacle pads to cast an illusion of itself rather than merely being “displaced”.

yeah thats what I thought too, especially with the light show on the pads making it look like a direct projection. Its a cool way to do it but the stealth potential is certainly more powerful than just imposing disadvantage on an attack

I'm not sure how people in the arens seats can see the action? No wonder he asks them to stay till the end. People probably get board cause the action is all blocked by maze walls.

Also shouldn't the druids hand be all damaged and scared. Guess they are showing how HP work. No actual impact till you die.

I'm still going to the movie.

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