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What are you reading in 2023?

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Dungeon Master of Middle-earth (he/him)
Poul Anderson? Was a big influence on D&D iirc - maybe in Appendix N?
Yes, it's clearly a major influence which is why I was interested. It's the source for Law and Chaos and regenerating trolls and features familiar D&D creatures like dwarves, goblins, kobolds, giants, dragons, unicorns, and nixies.

ETA: Also a slightly different take on elves and a werewolf
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Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine
Which Poul Anderson series is the best? Goodreads is listing:
  • Future History of the Polesotechnic League
  • Time Patrol
  • Flandry
  • And this Otherworld Saga (includes Operation Chaos and Operation Luna)


Dungeon Master of Middle-earth (he/him)
I forgot to say the protagonist of "Three Hearts" seems to be the inspiration for the paladin class.

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