What did you study in college?


Started off double majoring in physics and math at UIUC. After not making it to many of the huge lecture sections in physics during the first two semesters I switched to just math, although the grades were ok (in that physics way where a score well under 50% might still be a B). Two years into my courses in the Ph.D. program in math I saw a seminar in statistics and thought "wait, we can work on problems directly related to the real world?". Not sure if I would have been able to pass the other qualifiers in math anyway, but didn't need to since I jumped ship to stats. First job out was a tenure track job in stats, and have been plugging away at the holy trinity of teaching, research, and service ever since. Not much influence on my ttrpging from it. (If Gauss was a 3rd gen antediluvian then I'm 12th generation. Even counting for dilution, this apple has fallen far from the tree.)
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I have a degree in General Studies, which was fun because it let you choose classes from a wide range of topics. I focussed a on English, sociology, history with a smattering of science. This degree then acted as a prerequisite for entering the teaching program at a UBC (University of British Columbia) satellite centre. I received my teaching degree and have spent many years teaching primary school, and working as teacher/principal at a small band school. I'm currently teaching adults. (Special Education Teacher Assistant and Community Support Worker).


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In Quebec we have another school level between High School and college. I studied Computer Science for two years.

Then I did a bachelor composed of a minor in Video Game Studies and a major in English Literature. Following that, I got a second cycle specialized degree in Game Design.


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Undergrad: Trinity University (San Antonio)- Majored in Evonomics & Philosophy, with minors in Art/Art History, English, and Religion. Came up 3 classes short of earning 2 BAs…and I dropped 3 classes in my 4 years. The double BA would have been nice, but I dropped those classes for VERY good reasons and do not regret doing so.

Post-Grad: JD from UT Austin School of Law, MBA (Sports & Entertainment Marketing) from University of Dallas, certified in Mediation through UT Arlington.

…plus assorted other college-level classes I’ve taken just because. I think I took some kind of class every summer from 3rd grade until I graduated from law school. Some of that was to fill curriculum requirements, some for self-edification. And of course, I still have to take continuing education courses to maintain my license.


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Let's make sure to keep this discussion respectful and not lay any judgment on folks' degrees, college experiences, or choices to go or not to go to college.
Amen to that!

I’ll just say that the man who gave my Dad a Rolex for his med school graduation had a 3rd grade education and ran a VERY successful blue-collar business. All legal work is worthy of respect.


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Michigan Tech (1 year, did not graduate) - Computer Science
Art Institute of Colorado (2 years, did not graduate) - Film Production
United States Army (4 Years) Network Switching Systems Operator /Maintainer (Counted because of substantial technical training)
University of Colorado (3 years, graduated Sigma Cum Laude) - Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Concentration in Information Science)

I currently work as a Software Engineer


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I started doing a Bcom/BA but got bored with economics so didnt get the Commerce degree though I did get some Marketing papers in my BA (Anthropology). Then a few years later did a Postgrad Diploma in Education


I majored in history as an undergraduate with a minor in anthropology. I went to graduate school for history where most of my studies were concentrated in American history from 1877-1939 and spent an awful lot of time on prohibition and lynching.

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