D&D (2024) What do you expect/hope to see in future playtest packets? (+)

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(he, him)
I don't expect to actually see anything, because seemingly they are only releasing them on D&DBeyond and presumably that is not going to change. But as to what I am expecting to hear about secondhand....

I expect to see minimal changes. I hope to see a lot of changes.
I am kinda the opposite. I would rather see minimal changes for real backwards compatibility - genuine revised core books rather than a new edition of the game. Well, either that or a real 6th edition that is not afraid to make significant changes to fix things, but I think it is a bit early for that with the way things are going right now.

I expect we will see lots of little changes similar to the first packet, but spread accross the rest of the game. Enough to break compatibility, but not enough improvement to be worth the overhead. Whoever picked 5.5 for the thread prefix here was prescient, since it would not have fitted what they had announced at the time, but it is looking incredibly apt now...


@glass You know you can sign up for free to D&DBeyond right? You don't need to spend anything to access the playtest materials. There's really no reason not to.


(he, him)
@glass You know you can sign up for free to D&DBeyond right? You don't need to spend anything to access the playtest materials. There's really no reason not to.
I know that signing up for D&DBeyond at the most basic level does not have a monetary cost. I do not consider "money" to be the only possible reason not to sign up for yet another online account...I have far too many already.

I agree, going back to the old style where you got a feat at these points & an attribute bonus at those points would be a big improvement over5e's "maybe my PCs have a 5+prof+mods or maybe it's 3+prof+more feats" would simplify things a lot for GMs trying to balance encounters & magic items across the party.

Please not.
Increasing ability scores was a bad idea im hind sight. At least, as long it informs attack bonus, damage and save DCs.

If they were purely related to skills, I would be ok with that.

I'd like to see readied actions reworked. Allow classes with Extra Attack to make their extra attacks when using a readied Attack action, and also remove the punitive and overcomplicated rules for readying a spell.

No. I came to the conclusion, that use it or lose it is better for the game flow.

On the other hand, extra attack needs better wording (akin to haste).
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I had to laugh out loud... for me, giving a fixed bonus IS old style...
I think we can both agree that the odds of attributes going back to the pre-d20 +/-1 at like 15 & 6 or whatever it was is a thing that almost certainly won't be seeing. Since attributes aren't likely to be going back to the pre-d20 way of handling bonuses there's no reason for +attribute gear to go back to that scaling rather than using the old d20 era +N style. The pre-d20 style causes them to make a dramatically larger impact.

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