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EN World What do you like about the new site?


I've been pleasantly surprised to discover that when I open a thread it automatically jumps to the first post I haven't seen. Used to spend a lot of clicks jumping to the end of a thread and then paging back, which combined with the slow loading times made for a lot of UI friction.

Spoiler tags? Maybe they were there before but I didn't know it if so.

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Don't downplay the improved speed. That's opened up some of the most important features that had disappeared from the old EnWorld site.

#1: I now have links to the last page of a thread from the thread listing page. We used to have those, and then they went away, I assume it was to try to deal with the processing time. There were lots of little quality of life features like that which seemed to disappear over time at EnWorld.

#2: Search is now functional all the way back to the beginning of the site history. That's a huge advantage, and again it's coming from the performance boost that you got.


Spoiler tags? Maybe they were there before but I didn't know it if so.
Previously the situation was complicated.

The tag SPOILER had not worked on the main desktop site for a long while, but another tag had been brought in that did work: SBLOCK.

However, if you access the site using the mobile app, it can't handle SBLOCK but SPOILER did work.

Now, after the switch from vBulletin to Xenforo, SPOILER works everywhere.


A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
Also, just realized that you can like comments on news articles. It always annoyed me on the old site that if I opened a news article and wanted to like a comment, I would have to navigate to the "latest posts" page and search for it to be able to do so.

  • It is cleaner, massively more attractive and way easier to read
  • It is literally an order of magnitude faster
  • It gives better and more usable information
  • It uses https

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