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EN World What do you like about the new site?


Mod Squad
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You know my favourite thing? The spam tools. You may have noticed a singular lack of spam in the last week.

Yeah. The spam tools are nice. I'm finding the moderation tools different, but the ease of makes up for making folks adapt a bit, I think.

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Prodigal Member
I didn't notice the lack of spam until Morrus pointed it out, but come to think of it I haven't reported a spam post since the upgrade. (y)

Also, I find the page layout to be cleaner and easier to read & navigate.

Also, speed.


A Wicked Kendragon

The site has never been this fast. Even editing has become a quick thing, when sometimes before it got stuck for me trying to bring up the interface.
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There's just no comparison, Morrus. It's faster, more secure, cleaner, works better on mobile devices, and much more pleasant to use. I know it was a ton of (probably somewhat scary) work, but well worth it.


A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
So I’m sitting in the airport in Cairo waiting for my connecting flight and finally got an opportunity to try the mobile app. It is a great improvement over the prior site. I always avoided using the mobile site in the past. That’s changed.


Are you talking about the actual "native" app, or using a browser to access the mobile skin of the website?

The app isn't new or changed (or even made by EN World), and while using it is moderately improved, that really is incidental to the upgrade.


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
I really like that my in-edit comments aren't lost. I've accidentally navigated away more than once, and when I go back it still has what I was writing.

I like the page showing the most recently updated threads - I often will go through the forums I want to hit, and then later just use that to show me what's been changing. I need to make sure that I don't just use it though - it's a good summary, but things can move down the list quite fast with how active we are.

I like the left hand layout - bigger avatar, less clutter.

This has a touch of a gripe but is overall positive - while I'm a bit sad to not have a threaded mode for replies grouped with comments I used to use, the new system is made much more friendly by defaulting to the first new comment of the thread.

I like the in-place editting.

And don't sell the speed short. When I hit save, realize I left in a typo, can hit edit, it immediately comes up, I make the change and save again, and it's been singletons of seconds. Oh, so nice.


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
Ooh, just discovered something else I like. If I click on the "XX said" part of a quote it will jump to it. Either scroll up if it's the same page or open it up. Very useful for ongoing conversations.


Lowcountry Low Roller
I tried the search feature today, and while I didn’t find what I was searching (lost in the big crash of a couple years ago) the results came back blisteringly fast!

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