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I have my own thoughts about what I like about this software, but I'm curious about what features (as opposed to the general speed, which is more related ot the more powerful server) you like most now you've had chance to look around a bit?

(lets keep this to a positove thread -- there's plenty of space for bug reports and complaints elsewhere!) :)

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A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
So far, I find the interface much cleaner and easier to read, at least on my laptop, have not tested on my iPhone X yet.

I like the additional reaction options, though I miss the accumulated XP from the older system. Being able to level-up and earn 1e-like titles was a fun bit of flavor.

Pages load a lot faster and everything seems more responsive, especially when liking a post.

Not having to wait after liking a post before you are able to like another post. But I have been running into an issue where if a like a post soon after liking a prior post, I'm unable to select from the pop-up categories of like for the subsequent post. A generic like will register but not a love, laugh, etc.

Search is cleaner, easier to use, and MUCH faster.

So far I've not come across any functionality that I miss and overall the site is much more pleasant to read, navigate, and search. Overall a big improvement. Just miss the old XP and titles.


World of Kulan DM
That it now comes up as "Connection is secure" in Google Chrome incognito. And the speed; it is way faster.

Morrus, one issue. I cannot edit my closed/locked thread in my World of Kulan forum. I know it's archived now, but I still use it for my PbP games and my rpg collection list. If you can, whenever you can. If not, so be it.
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I've been pleasantly surprised to discover that when I open a thread it automatically jumps to the first post I haven't seen. Used to spend a lot of clicks jumping to the end of a thread and then paging back, which combined with the slow loading times made for a lot of UI friction.

Spoiler tags? Maybe they were there before but I didn't know it if so.


Don't downplay the improved speed. That's opened up some of the most important features that had disappeared from the old EnWorld site.

#1: I now have links to the last page of a thread from the thread listing page. We used to have those, and then they went away, I assume it was to try to deal with the processing time. There were lots of little quality of life features like that which seemed to disappear over time at EnWorld.

#2: Search is now functional all the way back to the beginning of the site history. That's a huge advantage, and again it's coming from the performance boost that you got.


Spoiler tags? Maybe they were there before but I didn't know it if so.
Previously the situation was complicated.

The tag SPOILER had not worked on the main desktop site for a long while, but another tag had been brought in that did work: SBLOCK.

However, if you access the site using the mobile app, it can't handle SBLOCK but SPOILER did work.

Now, after the switch from vBulletin to Xenforo, SPOILER works everywhere.


A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
Also, just realized that you can like comments on news articles. It always annoyed me on the old site that if I opened a news article and wanted to like a comment, I would have to navigate to the "latest posts" page and search for it to be able to do so.

  • It is cleaner, massively more attractive and way easier to read
  • It is literally an order of magnitude faster
  • It gives better and more usable information
  • It uses https

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