Dragonlance [+] What do you like most about DRAGONLANCE?


I like the epic storyline and the ideas behind the original set of adventures. Draconians were cool enemies, the Companions of the Lance were interesting characters storywise and the artwork was absolutely fantastic both then and now.

Note: this only applies for the DL world up to the end of the War of the Lance - I never got into the books and products came after (such as Dragons of Summer Flame).

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beyond the years of adventures shared with my table, I think what I love most about the setting is that it is a perfect place to develop heroic characters and an epic narrative.

Also, the art...


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I must confess that I've never played Dragonlance, but the elements that I remember liking from the novels and from reading the setting material, are the Knights of Solamnia, the Wizard Orders, the Draconians and the minotaurs. I also quite liked the idea of epic quests with the backdrop of a war.


The Legends books were my introduction to D&D so I'll always have a soft spot for Dragonlance. For years I bought everything Dragonlance I could. I rather enjoyed the 5th Age books though, especially the core box. It presented a Dragonlance setting that filled me with ideas for adventures in a way the older material hadn't. And I loved the dragon overlords! Such a great idea to have these legendary dragons changing the landscape around them. They had lot of potential.

It sounds like they're going to present the War of the Lance era in new light too with a less explored area. I haven't bought very many 5e books, but we'll see when this comes out.


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Dragonlance is sort of like "themed vanilla fantasy" - or vanilla with flakes of vanilla bean. One of my favorite setting types. Meaning, you still get the "homey" feel of traditional vanilla fantasy, but isn't just a re-hash.

Also, love the Irda. I don't figure they'd show up in this product, though.

the Irda are probably the biggest stand out for me, I incorporated their lore into my own homebrew, though the Ogres curse was due to their misuse of the Crown of power (The more beautiful they are the more stupid they become).

I also used the Ages structure for my teenage-homebrews timeline
Song of Creation - Song of the Loregivers (inspired by the Kalevala*) - Song of Kings - Song of Darkness - Song of Heroes (current age)
*it was the inspiration of Old Vainamoinen that switched my homebrew from vanilla to a more Uralic focus

also agree about the theming - building the epic around the War and Takhasis metaplot provided enough flavour to spice up the vanilla base


I liked the unapologetic epic campaign and scale of the novels. The idea that there was no Elminister in the background that really should be able to take care of things if the heroes fail. The struggle felt real, the success or failure of the PCs felt meaningful. Actually having dragons front an center in D&D was cool and draconians were awesome.

In the novels, the willingness to kill off main characters along with the fact that many of the protagonists were quite flawed and therefore human made it a better story. Of course I read these when I was a teen so my perspective might be a bit different if I read them now!


Is that allowed?! I think that's allowed, right. Anyway Taladas is the best thing about Krynn!

Also Kitiara, she got done dirty by the authors though. Also those Caramon and Raistlin books were pretty decent, more fun and actually better-written than the main trilogy.

Knights of Solamnia! Also cool!

The Dragonlance board game, which I got beaten at by our 50-something neighbour when I was a kid and was sure I could beat any grown-up at.


I really enjoyed the original series of modules when they were new. And I liked the original trilogy of novels, the Twins series and then the Lost Chronicles. I didn't care for most of the other novels and modules.

I would run the originals again if I had a group that wanted to play them. And I do dig out DL11 Dragons of Glory every year or so and play it with a friend. Still holds up as a good wargame.

I'm more interested in Warriors of Krynn than Shadow of the Dragon Queen.

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