Dragonlance [+] What do you like most about DRAGONLANCE?


I can't quite recall the start of her story (spoiled princess?) But, from memory, she goes on to become one of the greatest generals for the side of good, inspiring those around her.

In the age of mortals her homeland is occupied but she never stops fighting, she just finds other ways to do it. She was definitely a great character.
Yes, she starts off as a sheltered woman-child - a great example of why elves by default don’t declare themselves adults until they’re a century old. She knows nothing of the outside world and runs away from home because she is still infatuated with Tanis.

By the time the story ends, she’s a well-respected, battle-hardened general and hero who has seen death up close, lost loved ones, and had her commitment and courage tested. And her relationship with Tanis has matured into something more real and long-lasting.

Raistlin is probably the next one with the most character growth. Sturm gets some, as does Goldmoon. Tika too. But Tanis, Flint, Tas and most of the others barely change.
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Jacob Lewis

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I can sum it up with three names.



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and later the knights of Takhisis that opposed both.
I really appreciated the Knights of Takhisis. It was like evil taking a good hard look at itself, realizing that what they've been doing up to this point just isn't working, and making a genuine effort to put in the hard work to become an organized disciplined military force. It was like character growth for evil as a whole (and a shift towards lawful - methodical and frequently successful).

bedir than

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That opening with the friends who'd been away on separate adventures coming back together, expecting some downtime and calm. Instead they are thrust into the heart of a bigger tale, one that test their friendships.
Looking back those initial table conversations remind me of how our conversations go when I reconnect with the soldiers I served with. You're immediately familiar and want to catch up on everything.
And if our inn was invaded during that chat we'd fight, but lose because old


I really loved the dragonlance books. Especially the original two trilogies. To this day the ending of Test of the Twins still makes me cry.

Overall the Dragonlance books just had a lot of really good characters. I can't think of a single one of the original party I didn't love (even tasselhoff) and Lord Soth is probably one of the best examples of a cool villain I can think of.

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