Spelljammer What is Spelljammer, video interview with Chris Perkins

The edge of Wildspace would be roughly where an Oort Cloud is. Granted it's Space Fantasy and not real space, but I was never big on the Ptolemaic and other Ancient Greek Systems that the 2e Spelljammer was based on.

So I'm fine with the Material Plane being a clusters of what is essentially really, really large Demiplanes.

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That's how Spelljammer always worked.
no, in the old days there where crystal spheres you needed to be able to pierce (some easier some harder some in theory impossible) and you would need a spell jamming helm and the ability to survive the between place (P word I am not going to try to get past my spell check)

From the sound of the video a carpet of flying that has no upper limit can take you from krynn to toril

Right. And now that place is a ways out in a sphere around every planet in the multiverse?
It's a sphere around a whole system of planets and other objects. Like the Crystal Spheres of the old version, but instead of crystal it's a misty barrier now.
I wonder, if you got to the planar "barrier" could you just float through the veil on your own? Say, jump off the edge of your ship and fall through? If so, just about anything that would get you that far would do it.
If the ship is close enough that could maybe work. But there is still no air in wild space.

So a Dragon for example can fly into Wild Space and survive there because it will bring a bubble of atmosphere with it. Those Space Whales would be the same.
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