What other games do you play?

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I've tried lots of games and own even more. The ones I've been playing for the longest periods are Runequest, Ars Magica, Earthdawn, and DSA ('Das Schwarze Auge'). Currently it's just the latter two.


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Pretty much exclusively:

Savage Worlds (Deadlands, Fading Suns, and Soloman Kane)

with an occasional game of BRP Call of Cthulhu


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Rechan said:
With all the hoopla over what D&D is or isn't and what to play, I was curious what other systems folks currently play and/or currently like?
The only game other than D&D (and not just any D&D!) that my group and I can stomach is Fuzion (which we use for the futurisic/sci-fi genre, because d20 can't handle that genre to our satisfaction).

Everything else we have been exposed to (admittedly limited) has been universally unplayable, in our opinion. But then, we're really picky.

Dan Bell

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I'm currently playing in HarnWorld. Harn is a little known rules independent setting known for its detail and realism. There are several thousand pages of free fan produced Harn articles on www.lythia.com and it is easy to drop many of these into exsisting or home brewed settings.


Currently I'm running Monte Cook's WoD, which we'll be breaking on in November.

Next I plan on giving Mongoose's Runequest a spin using either Lankhmar, Hawkmoon or the Elric setting. I really like what I've seen so far and enjoy the whole real swords and sorcery vibe. The different magic systems have also given me plenty of ideas for homebrewing as well. Lastly I like the fact that Mongoose distributes their gaming magazine(Signs & Portents) in free full-color PDF format.

Recently I've played

Qin:The Warring States
Star Wars saga ed.
Mortal Coil


Currently playing:
1 D&D 3.5 PBEM.

Currently running:
3 D&D 3.5 PBEMs
1 1:1 Mutants & Masterminds PBEM, set in a modern-ish reinterpretation of the Marvel Universe of about 1983.

May soon be playing:
a 1:1 Alternity game

Desperately want to play, but have never found a good group interested:
Exalted (I like crazy anime action!)
Vampire (Bought some Masquerade stuff years ago when asked to run a game of it, then that fell through. Still greatly enjoy most of the setting.)

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