What other games do you play?

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I'll play Deadlands or Fading Suns at any opportunity. I'm starting to give some thought to running a Werewolf game again, now that I've had a chance to look over the new Forsaken rules. In the last couple of years, I've played Deadlands, Fading Suns, GURPS, a bit of World of Darkness, some Exalted... hm. Oh, and Legend of the Five Rings. Think that's about it.

The Levitator

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I've been GM'ing 3.5 for the last 4 years, but had an opportunity recently to play a little Rolemaster. It's a nice system, if a a little tedious for my tastes. I'm currently working on converting my DM Genie to run a Conan d20 campaign. My current players are really psyched to run Conan, but I've gotten very used to running games with DM Genie and I don't really want to regress back to paper and pencil to play another system. I should have my DM Genie converted in a month or so and we can start playing in Hyboria. I can't wait! :D It will be a nice chance from Forgotten Realms. :cool:


Running a Bi-Weekly Gurps Low Fantasy Campaign

Playing in a Bi-Weekly WFRP 2 campaign.

Occasionally run COC & C&C.



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Currently playing Shadowrun 4th and The Dark Eye, and sometimes HERO in a homebrew sci-fi campaign based on the Deathstalker books using Renegade Legion/Interceptor for the ship tech, and another sci-fi game with a homebrew background using bits and pieces from Aliens and Command & Conquer, I think, using the World of Darkness system.

Recently played Deadlands Reloaded also.



Although 90% of our RPG time so far this year has been D&D, we did play some great Omega World d20. We finished an old game with an old Gamma World module, Legion of Gold. OWd20 is just a great little game.

I want to run the demo Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay Dark Heresy. I am less excited about 40KRP lately than before, but I will probably get it when released. The preview RPG art doesn't inspire me, but I've read a few 40K novels recently.

I am also interested in running Rifts Machinations of Doom. It's a neat little story in graphic novel format with a sourcebook statting up all the characters: heroes & villains. I would probably be ready to go if I had all the figures painted instead of just a couple. I may even use the wonky Rifts rules just for ease.

Savage Worlds remains interesting to me after our very successful run of Tour of Darkness, but I probably won't run it again until after I finish the D&D module I put down a few weeks ago. The brief forays above will suffice for a little short-term variety. The next time I do SW will likely be for several months. I have an old Boot Hill module to use for the Western genre. I also like Necessary Evil and am looking forward to the general release of Solomon Kane. PDF-only is the only reason I don't have Necropolis right now, and I would probably already be running it.

Karl Green

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I don't play any D&D 3.5 or other editions right now. I may again, but soooo many other systems that I want to play in...

I run a Star Wars Saga game (bi-weekly) and I run a Warhammer Fantasy 2nd ed. game (bi-weekly). I am playing in a bi-weekly Shadowrun 2nd ed (modified) game and I am about ready to join another bi-weekly game using Muntants and Masterminds 2nd ed (setting TBD). So two face-to-face-games a week right now.

Online I am running a M&M2nd ed game and playing in another one here, and I am debating a GURPS Greyhawk game at another site.

The Green Adam

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I don't think this website has enough bandwidth for me to list all of the non-D20 games I've played, do play or will play ;) But seriously, D&D play has decreased more and more with my group(s) over the years to the point where now (within the last year or two) we've only actually played D&D once. It was for a special occaision and we used a simplified 3.5 homebrew. Most of the time we play...

Star Trek, Role Playing Game by LUG/ICON System
Classic Traveller
Mutants & Masterminds (D20 but cooler)
Changeling:The Dreaming
Ars Magica
Star Wars, The Role Playing Game by WEG (D6)
Mekton II
Teenagers From Outer Space
Many Homebrews

And my favorite new non-D20 RPG...Faery's Tale Deluxe! I love this game! True I've modified the rules a tiny bit but essentially its untouched compared to what I do to most games :p



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L5R and C&C.

Games I like or love?

M&M 2E
Traveller (I use MT resolution/rules, but more classic in the setting)
SR4 (but I would play 2 or 3)
and others.

I'm holding a sleeping baby goat born just a couple of hours ago and am tired of typing one handed.


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Recently our group ran a short campaign (four episodes) of All Flesh Must Be Eaten -- this is fun for character generation and for a session or two, but gets repetitive very quickly unless the GM is really on his toes.

Before that we ran Ars Magica for about a year -- I love this game! And if you poke around, you can still find the 4th edition of the rules free as a pdf on the Net, such as here:


Our next game up is going to be an old setting of mine, New Mavarga, retooled using a variant of the 7th Sea rules -- the rules are great for swashbuckling, but I loathe the world of Theah, so this is a near-perfect match! ;)

Over 30 years of gaming, I have played under at least a dozen of rules sets -- OD&D, Metamorphosis Alpha, Empire of the Petal Throne, The Fantasty Trip, Chivalry & Sorcery, Traveller, RuneQuest, AD&D, GURPS, Champions, Harnmaster, Golden Heroes, FASA Star Trek, World of Darkness (old version, mainly Mage), Paranoia (various versions), Pendragon, Cyberpunk (and Cyberpunk, Over the Edge, Ars Magica (2nd-5th editions), D&D 3e, Burning Wheel, and the abovementioned game... I have no system loyalty and constantly look for the rules that best match the setting, rather than forcing a setting to conform to the rules at hand.

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