D&D General What Was Your First Time Playing and/or Running D&D Like?

I remember re-playing that introduction to D&D a bunch of times, because I thought that surely there had to be some combination of choices that saved Aleena.

I couldnt save Aleena
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we were kids and had a blast, though often there were lots of debates - I didnt stick to the rules then either

My first D&D session was in the mid 80s when a heavy metal kid a year or two older than I was ran a game. It was barely coherent as D&D, but I was hooked. He was only using d6s, stats and levels jumped way, way beyond the range of D&D in the span of two sessions or so. My character acquired two lightning-charged crystal daggers, which I thought were the coolest. We talked to a wizard NPC that lived in someone's hair. He might have been named Wizz. Not long after that I bought the red box, figured out how to actually play, and started DMing myself.

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