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Charles Dunwoody



Charles Dunwoody
Experiencing Coriolis the Third Horizon
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Coriolis the Third Horizon is a hardcover 386 page full color science fiction RPG by Swedish Fria Ligan (Free League) also available in pdf. A free quick start is also available. The Third Horizon, the setting, includes starships, space stations, and alien planets. PCs are pilots and explorers struggling to make money. A strong flavor inspired by the Middle East infuses the Third Horizon.

Investigating Tales From The Loop

  • 5
Teenagers investigate weird mysteries in the Tales from the Loop RPG. Created by Fria Ligan (Free League),Tales is a full-color 194 page hardcover available in print and PDF. I received a complimentary copy of the game. My plan is to not allow that to bias my review.

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