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Ben Reece

Ben Reece

Paizo Releases Pathfinder Playtest Part Four & A Scenario

  • 11
Hello Paizo faithfuls and welcome to the new and improved PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! What’s different, you ask? Very little! You’re still coming here to catch up on all the news and updates coming from your favorite OGL publisher, and of course for the completely unsolicited opinions of the author. Now, let’s see what’s in store!

Pathfinder Roundup: NPC & Advanced Race Guide Pocket Editions, Sandpoint

  • 2
Hello again friends and welcome to the newest edition of the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! The Golem marches on and so do we! Even as we move forward to Pathfinder 2nd edition, Paizo isn’t about to leave us first edition diehards hanging in the breeze, so there are plenty of things to look forward to in the coming weeks. Let’s get started!

Starfinder Paizo News Roundup: Starfinder Alien Archive 2, Rune Drive Gambit, Pathfinder Runeplague

  • 3
Hello esteemed readers of EN World and welcome back to the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! The Paizo site blackout no doubt had all of you worried, but FEAR NOT! The Paizo News Roundup is here and all of its links should be working. Now, let’s see what the Golem has in store for us!

Paizo News Roundup: Escape from the Prison Moon, It Came from Hollow Mountain, Plane-Hopper's Handbo

  • 1
Hello my lovelies and welcome back to the latest PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! We’re clearing out the next upcoming Adventure Paths for both Pathfinder and Starfinder, and then taking a look way out into the future for Pathfinder – that’s right, first edition still has some life in it yet! – to see how the winds are blowing for this and other favorite games. Let’s get crackin’!

Starfinder Opening the Starfinder Armory

  • 6
Good news, you space-faring fans of Starfinder: the STARFINDER ARMORY is here and it is stuffed to the gills with gear! There are new ways to frag, slag, burn, kill, maim, and otherwise cut a swath across the Core Worlds and beyond in this book, so let’s get cracking!

Paizo News Roundup: Reach of the Empire, Secret of Roderick's Cove, and War for the Crown

  • 7
Hello again EN World faithfuls and welcome back to the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! We’re hot in the middle of the ENnies right now, but we don’t care about that here at the Roundup! We care about the FUTURE, not the now, no matter how fleeting that future sight may be. Regardless! We have a few Adventure Paths coming down the pike, and a couple of extra goodies for DMs still in the throes of the past. The PAST! Pssht. ONWARD!

Torn Asunder: For That Friend Who Won’t Shut Up About Dark Souls

  • 8
A focused and flavorful supplement for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game from Dragon Wing Games, Torn Asunder is for that friend of yours that won’t shut up about Dark Souls; for that dad who’s way into old-school wargames and complains that hiking and climbing are streamlined into skill checks; or that guy at the FLGS with the grey ponytail who keeps recycling the same worn-out stories of AD&D.

Issues Mar Otherwise Interesting Lore Of The Gods

  • 0
It's not every day that you find a Pathfinder supplement written with both players and GMs in mind. Lore of the Gods, a divinity-focused supplement from Dragon Wing Games, strikes that balance admirably, but the flavor bursting from the seams is marred somewhat by the inconsistency of style and substance throughout the book.

The Paizo News Roundup

  • 1
Good evening! Or good morning, or good afternoon, depending on when you read this - you know what, that's not important. WELCOME BACK TO THE PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! Pathfinder 2E is AL. MOST. HERE. and I canNOT handle it, this is gonna be redonk you guys. Enough time wasting, let's talk about Pocket Editions and – hold on, I'm getting some chatter from pedants here, apparently, it's called the "Pathfinder Playtest". Pfft, not fooling anyone. ONWARD!

The Paizo News Roundup

  • 6
I cannot believe it’s June already, folks, but time waits for no man - and neither does our fearless Golem! Welcome back to the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP, my friends! There are Adventure Path updates and Player Companions and even some Pocket Editions coming out, and we’ll get those Pocket Editions even well into the era of Pathfinder 2E. There’s always something new for you stalwart readers, so let’s dig in!

Paizo News Roundup

  • 20
The golem marches on, my friends, which means it’s time for the latest PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! The fine folks in Redmond continue to show no sign of pulling their support for the Pathfinder we know and love, even as they ramp up production on teasers for Starfinder and Pathfinder 2nd Edition, so there’s plenty of Adventure Path, Player Companion, and Campaign Setting material to explore! Let’s get to it!

The Paizo News Roundup

  • 1
Hey again you fine-featured-followers of our favorite Golem and welcome back to the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! There’s always plenty cooking away in those Redmond offices to make us dream of campaigns to be, so let’s get started!

The April Paizo News Roundup

  • 0
It’s been a while, Roundup fans, but worry not, the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP is back and chock-full of news from the Golem and all your favorite games! We got more updates for the War for the Crown Adventure Path, and more books for the discerning Dungeon Master. Let’s get started!

Paizo News Round Up

  • 2
Hello again my fellow Golem devotees! Once again, it's time for the latest PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! They're keeping so many plates in the air over there with their site redesign and their locomotive of a schedule, so let's do our part and make sure we keep an eye on all the spinning dishes! Sorry, the metaphor got a little twisted then fell apart.

Paizo Adventure Path Roundup

  • 3
Welcome back to the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP, friends and fellow dice rollers! I'm riding high on the excitement of seeing Black Panther for the first time, so of course I'm in the mood to talk shop about kingdom-sized political intrigue, advanced jungle-inspired civilizations, and THRILLING HEROICS! Which is apropos, because the good folks at the Golem have plenty of meaty Society Scenarios and Adventure Paths for us to dig into. So, without further ado…

Paizo News Roundup

  • 0
Hello again my well-traveled friends, you’ve come just in time to catch the latest edition of the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! The Golem seems to be quite generous this time around, giving us plenty of Starfinder and Pathfinder (well, mostly Pathfinder) to chew through and anticipate. Let’s dive in!

The Paizo News Roundup

  • 3
Welcome back you scallawags! I hope you’re ready for another PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP because we go some exciting and new features for all you returning readers! We got a big ol’ pile of third-party and other supplemental products for you to sink your teeth into, so let’s get started!

Paizo Third Party Publisher Roundup

  • 0
Welcome back from the holidays, Paizo fans, and a happy upcoming new year to all! We’ve got an exciting new PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP in store for you - once again, it’s time for a Third Party Hullaballo! I’ll get a word that sounds right eventually. Anyway, we have a great selection of third-party products here for you to fill that hole in your heart left by disappointing holiday presents. I liked horses when I was FIVE, Aunt Marilyn! Regardless; to the presses!

The Paizo Round Up For 12-7-2017

  • 9
Welcome back folks, it’s time for the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP, your one-stop spot for all the new and interesting material coming from your favorite ever-giving golem. In this go-round, we’ll pick up some new toys that got left out of the earlier look at Ultimate Wilderness, and also introduce a brand new Player Companion. Let’s get started!

Paizo New Roundup With Extra Ultimate Wilderness

  • 48
Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! As always, I am your excitable and long-winded host, ready to give you all the deets on the latest from our favorite company of golems. It seems that Paizo is laser-focused on its newest upcoming release: Ultimate Wilderness! That said, they’re not about to leave Starfinder fans hanging in the solar winds. Let’s get started!

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