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Palladium Books has licensed its Rifts roleplaying game to Pinnacle Entertainment Group in order to produce a Savage World version of the Rifts RPG. There's no date yet announced. Rifts is a multi-genre post-apocalyptic game which dates back to 1990.
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If you're still not sure about Pathfinder Unchained, check out this preview from Paizo of a pair of magic items from the book. These items demonstrate the new magic item scaling rules - items which inprove as you level up, remaining an important part of your character through your adventuring career. "We've all been there. We've faced the sad crossroads when we realized that our favorite magic item just wasn't cutting it, and we couldn't justify keeping it instead of equipping the new and shinier item the party just found instead."
ELEMENTAL EVIL Miniatures Now Available (Limited Numbers)
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The initial offerings from Gale Force 9's Elemental Evil series of miniatures are now available, although both are marked as "Low Stock". You can pick up Aerisi Kalinoth & Air Priest ($25), or Air Myrmidon ($30) from GF9's online store. These are limited collectors items, with only 1500 of each available.

Hasbro CEO: "D&D is Really on a Tear"

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Sorry, that laugh was a result of clumsy fingers on my phone.
FIRE OF THE MIND: Four New Illnesses!
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New for EN5ider patrons! Tired of villains simply described as "mad" or "insane"? This article introduces four new illnesses - Multiple Personality Disorder, Aphasia, Schizophrenia, Paranoid Schizophrenia. Each includes rules for the player, and advice for the GM. By James Abendroth; illustrated by Sade. (EN5ider #13)
CHERUFE: A Volcanic Monster for Your PATHFINDER Game!
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New for EN World TRAILseeker patrons! A mighty, volcanic monster for your Pathfinder game! This menacing, CR14 giant appears to be made of magma. Its black, rocky mass radiates massive heat, while red light pours from its mouth and the cracks in its stony hide. Full stats, plus adventure seeds. By Jeff Lee; art by Xandits. (TRAILseeker #10).
The Realms WILL Be Updated!
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WotC's Chris Perkins and Mike Mearls both mentioned the possibility of Forgotten Realms updates on Twitter today. A chap called Montgomery Headstrom tweeted at both of them - to Perkins he said "I don't understand why you guys did the Sundering if you weren't going to update the Realms. Can you clarify that for me?" and the Mearls he said "if WOTC isn't interested in updating the realms would corporate allow kickstarter drive to let Ed Greenwood do it?" Both replied to his his comments, confirming that they do, in fact, intend to update the Realms. Thanks to Adrian for the scoop.

Princes of the Apocalypse Basic Rules Supplement

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I like that they're doing this, I like it a lot!

Sean's Picks of the Week (0313-0317) - Goblins, Mecha-Fate, Shaintar, and More!

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Another very eclectic week, folks, with a lot of the new and the interesting, plus the latest release from my own Shaintar line of stuff for Savage Worlds fans. Let's get to it!

D&D Starter Set at Walmart

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Well that is surreal. Did they have anything like that in the book department?

Elemental Evil Player's Companion Now Available in Print!

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Drivethru is offering a POD version of the Elemental Evil Player's Companion (premium and standard). While that's awesome all by itself, I'm hoping it means that older titles will become POD as...
[UPDATE] 3D-Printing The Monster Manual
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This is rather impressive. Miguel Zavala has been 3D printing the monster from the D&d 5th Edition Monster Manual. As he says, "I love printing miniatures for my D&D game. I used to be a art major way back who modeled regularly. Now its just a fun hobby." He has dozens of them, including driders, Tiamat, flumphs, owlbears, even The Dread Gazebo! UPDATE: WotC has apparently sent a C&D to Miguel, who has removed the designs and left a note saying "Oh well. It was a fun ride :)"
WotC's Nathan Stewart: "Story, Story, Story"; and IS D&D a Tabletop Game?
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Forbes spoke to WotC's Brand Director & Executive Producer for Dungeons & Dragons, who talked about the 5th Edition launch and his vision for D&D's future. The interview is fairly interesting - it confirms or repeats some information we already know, and also delves a little into the topic of D&D as a wider brand, rather than as a tabletop roleplaying game.
What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. Starter Kit
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The What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. Starter Kit is now available! Build a starship. Brew a potion. Explore a dungeon. Create a universe. Give your wizard a spaceship. This free starter kit introduces you to the What’s O.L.D. is N.E.W. game system, which is a set of game rules which powers the roleplaying games O.L.D. (a game of medieval fantasy), N.E.W. (a game of futuristic science fiction), and N.O.W. (a game of explosive contemporary action). These three games are all fully compatible, and are designed to be played either as standalone roleplaying games or mixed and matched to create different combinations.
After Death by Jonathan Garret
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New for EN World TRAILseeker patrons! Congratulations! Your party is dead. This is a Pathfinder RPG adventure designed for 9th-level characters. It is also a little different, as the PCs will start it dead. Fortunately for them, death is not the end. With the help of the azata Asha, they can still defeat the monstrous lich who killed them in the first place… And recover their lives in the process. By Jonathan Garret.
[UPDATED] Pathfinder Unchained Contents Spoilers
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Pathfinder Unchained is shipping to Paizo's subscribers. Below you'll find a quick look at the table of contents, introducing the five chapters of the book and what's in each. The book seems crammed full of new optional rules and systems. UPDATE: Be sure to scroll down to the comments below this article where a sequence of posts provides large amounts of detail about the book's content!
[UPDATED] WotC Gives You Some Official 5E Modern Armor!
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This took me rather by surprise - WotC has just posted statistics for D&D 5E versions of modern armor types, including leather jackets, tactical vests, forced entry units, and other items straight from d20 Modern. The article is titled "Firearms", but its focus is adding armor to use alongside the existing firearms in the Dungeon Master's Guide.
Fantastic Tomes & Librams: Redux
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By popular demand, this rule-light article originally published on TRAILseeker is now also available to EN5ider patrons. Fantastic Tomes & Librams presents you with 1d100 mundane but exotic books and tomes to furnish a wizard's study, a library, or a treasure hoard. Each entry contains the book’s name, its author, a short description, and an optional notation indicating its rarity, relative value, and number of pages. By Russ Morrissey.
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Whether you're a fan of RPGs or boardgames, D&D or ... err... Monopoly... it's a great day. Today is International Tabletop Day. Organized by Geek & Sundry (who produce the Tabletop web series starring Wil Wheaton), it's been running for three years and includes events in over 80 countries. You can head over to the official site to find an event near you.
Epic Sized CAMPAIGN COINS Coming To Your Treasure Hoard
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I love Campaign Coins. I have a bunch of them, which I've bolstered with several thousand gold, plastic, and copper coloured plastic coins from random toy stores; the metal Campaign Coins, though, stand out. In past campaigns, I've used a rule of "if you don't have it, you don't have it" for treasure and money, and transactions literally involved the physical exchange of coins for a helaing potion card, or what-have-you. Campaign Coins has a new Kickstarter for huge Epic Treasure Coins, 28-35mm (35mm is about 1 and a half inches) in diameter, each representing 500, 5,000, and 10,000 copper, silver, gold, or platinum.



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