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Upcoming Pathfinder Minis Include a SARCOPHAGUS WITH A REMOVABLE MUMMY!
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A quick peek at some more of the upcoming miniatures from Paizo's Dungeons Deep set, including a large Frost Giant, a Gnoll Warrior, and some more of the dungeon dressing pieces which folks appear quite excited about - in this case a sacophagus with a lid and an actual removable mummy that comes out of it!
Here's what the D&D Adventurer's League is doing for the Elemental Evil storyline!
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As with Tyranny of Dragons, the D&D Adventurer's League Organized Play program will be releasing a number of in-store exclusive adventures launching in March. Here's the schedule, which includes 16 brand new adventurers for D&D 5th Edition. These adventures are all (at least currently) exclusive to the D&D Adventurer's League program in game stores. Most of these premier earlier at conventions, as noted below.
The Perturbed Dragon S01E01: The New Game
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The first episode of the brand new series! Old Duncan introduces REAL LIFE to the players as they struggle with terminology. Meanwhile, Sheenah the barmaid has trouble with a visiting Thunder God. The all new animated show from EN World TV! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to this channel to make sure you don't miss any of the upcoming episodes of THE PERTURBED DRAGON! Every Friday on EN World!
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Last time we talked about Zocha’s careers and what she can do, so for this installment of Fridays Unleashed we’ll focus on who she is, what’s driving her, and what she can become. The following piece of new short fiction gives you a brief glimpse into the backstory of Zocha the Outcast.

Warforged, Kender, Multiverses, & Errata - An Eclectic News Summary!

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WotC's Mike Mearls has confirmed that the D&D website articles will be starting up again - and that we should expect top see Warforged very soon. In response to a question about Warforged and Kender, he says "Yes, warforged will be up first - jury duty has messed with our plans, but stuff is moving along." In other news, Jeremy Crawford commented on the "default" setting of D&D and on upcoming errata documents slated for Spring.
GIANTSLAYER Adventure Path Is Nearly Here!
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The Iron Gods AP (87.5%) is drawing to a close, and Giantslayer is just around the corner with Battle of Bloodmarch Hill. Paizo's Rob McCreary shares some information about the upcoming storyline which "features an almost bewildering variety of Brobdingnagian foes for your PCs to battle and slay, from old favorites like hill giants, stone giants, frost giants, fire giants, cloud giants, and storm giants, to less common colossi like cave giants, marsh giants, slag giants, and ash giants, not to mention cyclopes, ettins, ogres, trolls, and more. We've even got a couple of all new giants—the mongrel giant and the tomb giant—making appearances in Giantslayer, so be sure to take a look at the bestiaries for this AP."

Fifth Edition Foes Monster Book

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The PDF's out? How cool!


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Well, not so much "returns" as "gets revisited" in this re-release of the 2012 animated series about a group of adventurers who play a tabletop roleplaying game called Real Life. We begin with the trailer for the 6-part series which will be shown each Friday here on EN World. A quick preview of the series from EN World TV. The Perturbed Dragon stars the voice talents of George LeDoux, Melody Mooney, Darren Morrissey, Karen Bogen, Joe Gawronski-Salerno, and M Darin Young.
The Biggest RPG Story of the Year?
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Green Ronin's Chris Pramas has offered some cryptic clues as to a product slated for Gen Con this year. "Our goal is to release Fantasy AGE in May. Then at the end of July we will release the game’s first setting book. This is our big GenCon release and part of something super exciting … that I can’t talk about yet. This will be the focus of our GenCon presence this year and perhaps the biggest RPG story of the year. Watch for an announcement in a few months." What could it be?

Unframed: The Art of Improvisation for Game Masters – Utter Disappointment (If you don’t read it!)

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Ask any serious gamer as to what drew her or him into a life-long avocation, and many of the answers will likely boil down to being inspired by this or that role-playing game or setting which inexplicably fired their imagination. For other gamers, close friends or family introduced the hobby to them at some point in their lives, and the enjoyment of shared fellowship and experiences at the table brought them back time and again.
Deluxe DM Screen Releases Today
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The new deluxe DM Screen releases today (it was released 11 days ago in preferred stores), so you should be able to pick it up at your local retailer. It's already proving popular, trending at 83.5%. Why not pop in and quickly rate the screen and let everyone know what thought of it?
5E Rises But Still Trails Pathinder For Online Games
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The Orr Group, the folks who make the popular ENnie-winning Roll20 virtual tabletop application, has released a new set of figures relating to which games are being played on their service. Last time, Pathfinder had a massive lead; in Quarter 4 2014 D&D 5E has increased its share from 16% to 24% of players, but Pathfinder has managed to hang on to that lead, remaining at about 43% of players.
WORLD OF FARLAND Updated for D&D 5E!
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The World of Farland, one of the oldest and most extensive homebrew campaign settings on the net, has been redesigned and updated for Fifth Edition. The update includes new art and a great deal of new 5E content, including spells, class archetypes and paths, monsters, feats, races, magic items, holy symbols, and backgrounds.
RPG Superstar Top 32! AKA 32 Free Pathfinder Wondrous Items!
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Paizo has just announced the Top 32 entries in its RPG Superstar contest. The first round (the one I judged last year!) was for Wondrous Items, and you can now read the 32 top entries plus 4 alternates. "Never heard of RPG Superstar™? This contest spans the course of several weeks, with each round presenting our contestants with various design challenges. The first round is an Open Call where the community votes on their favorite entries from hundreds of submissions which our panel of judges will use to narrow down the best 32 entries. These top 32 will move on to compete to determine who will be the next RPG Superstar™. The overall winner of RPG Superstar™ 2015 will be announced on March 24, 2015!"

Is Chris Perkins Working On A New D&D Setting?

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Chris Perkins posted some tantalizing tidbits on Twitter last night… any thoughts on what it all means? He states that Forgotten Realms is not the default D&D setting, that he's working on something slated for 2016, and that there's non-Realms stuff in the works. It sounds like something related to an older setting. Could be good news for those hoping to see Eberron or some other setting brought back for 5th Edition!
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Today's official announcement about the Elemental Evil storyline mentioned Princes of the Apocalypse, a new DM screen, miniatures, video games... but not the Adventurer's Handbook! This could mean nothing, of course. The book was first announced last year, back in August; but the below screenshot from Edelweiss shows it as cancelled. The mystery deepens!
Temple of Elemental Evil Boardgame
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As part of the whole Elemental Evil roll-out, a new D&D boardgame is being launched on April 30th. Called Temple of Elemental Evil, it "features multiple scenarios, challenging quests and cooperative game play designed for 1-5 players. The contents can also be combined with other D&D Adventure System Cooperative play board games, including The Legend of Drizzt and Castle Ravenloft." The game will be priced at $64.99.
The Official Elemental Evil Announcement
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We've known about it since last August, but WotC has just made their official announcement about the Elemental Evil storyline slated for March. Set in the Forgotten Realms, Princes of the Apolocalypse is a campaign for levels 1-15 and includes the genasi as a new character race. Additionally, a free download in March will include more new races, and tie-ins with the Neverwinter video game will be released. The Adventurer's Handbook is not mentioned.
9 New D&D 5E Fan-Created Resources!
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Welcome to another installment of my D&D 5th Edition fan creation roundups, where I scour the web so you don't have to. This time around, I've found aquatic and oriental campaign options, a new Injury condition, thoughts on a setting based on the Americas, and a look at a couple of monsters- the Choker and the Nothic.
Rate the Adventure Paths!
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Paizo has nearly 20 adventure paths, and it can be hard to pick out the best ones. That's why they're all in EN World's ratings system. Take a moment and quickly rate some of the adventure paths...

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