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My Top 5 RPG Interviews of 2014
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In the last year, I had the pleasure of interviewing a wide variety of people. Some of those are in video form, while others are in transcript form. It being New Year's Eve, I though I'd take a moment to pick five of my favourite video interviews of the year (I much prefer in-person interviews - they're so much fun to do). All the guests were wonderful. I was not so great, but luckily all I had to do was let the guests be awesome.
d20 Fight Club for D&D 5th Edition, Pathfinder, and More!
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While we wait to see what happens with Codename: Morningstar, Herolab, and City of Brass, there's another electronic tools option already available. d20 Fight Club: 5th Edition comes in two flavours - a player's version and a DM's version. Produced by Lion's Den, the app (it's for iOS) also has versions for Pathfinder, D&D 4E, and D&D 3.5.

Waibel's Rule of Interpretation (aka "How to Interpret the Rules")

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The only CORRECT interpretation is the one I say! :eek::cool::p The sooner the rest of the world gets that, the sooner we can all sit down and have fun...and end all fantasy rpg forum arguments...
2015 PATHFINDER SOCIETY Scenarios: Slave Masters and Wounded Wisps
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Paizo developer John Compton has provided some details on the new Pathfinder Society scenarios for 2015. The Slave Master's Mirror involves a notorious slaver city, while The Wounded Wisp pursues some ancient secrets. The latter was by one of ZEITGEIST's critically-acclaimed authors, Thurston Hillman.
Making a 1980s D&D Module: The History of QUAGMIRE
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D&D historian Jon Peterson has taken a detailed look at the process of making the 1980s D&D module, Quagmire. It's a wonderful insight into how adventure publishing worked back then. It's especially interesting if you're a small-press publisher today, with access to layout, editing, and other design technology not available in the 1980s.

General Monster ENCyclopedia: Flumph

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Was there ever any doubt about the flumph as the first choice of an 'F' monster for the Monster ENCyclopedia? After appearing only in relatively obscure sources for several editions, one of D&D's most notorious creatures received a promotion to a prime spot in the 5th Edition Monster Manual. Join us for a look back at the thirty-three-and-a-third-year history of the flumph.
Season's Greeting from WotC!
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This arrived in the mail this morning - a Christmas card from Wizards of the Coast! It includes a couple of Magic: The Gathering cards, plus a rather cool Tiamat pin. I think it's what gets sent to WotC's employees, but it's lovely that they thought to send one out to bloggers and similar such folk. Thank you, WotC - it was a most pleasant surprise!
CITY OF BRASS: A New RPG Electronic Tool Suite Is Glimpsed On The Horizon!
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With Trapdoor Tech and Lone Wolf cautiously circling each other with their Codename: Morningstar and Herolab/Realmworks applications respectively, another player has been quietly prepping something in the background. The City of Brass, billing itself as "the next generation of gaming apps" is working on "a fully-featured app specifically designed to manage the mechanics of pen-and-paper games while allowing you to focus on what matters".

Lego minifigure: Mind flayer

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Doe he come in the Lego Cthulhu set?
11 Times 'The Hobbit' Is Just Like a Game of 'Dungeons & Dragons'
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This article over at Zimbio lists 11 things The Hobbit which makes it just like a D&D game. From Bard's critical hit to Bilbo's clear leveling up, the article takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the movie. "Like some massive battle mapped out on graph paper and playmats, The Battle of the Five Armies feels like the cinematic interpretation of a really great Dungeons & Dragons campaign." Spoilers follow.
TSR, WotC, & Paizo: A Comparative History
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Being a detailed timeline from 1974-2014 showing TSR, WotC, Paizo, and the RPG industry side-by-size in a comparative timeline. You can see at a glance when things happened, and what else was happening at the same time, giving a broader context to most events.
WotC (re)Releases 1983's World of Greyhawk Fantasy Game Setting for AD&D 1st Edition
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WotC has just (re)released 1983's World of Greyhawk Fantasy Game Setting for AD&D 1st Edition in PDF format at dndclassics.com. "More than a collection of maps and names, it is an active world filled with decaying empires and dark forests. Game elements include the gods of Greyhawk, the clash of political factions, and encounters in this wild land." Written by Gary Gygax, this setting describes the world of Oerth, in which classic locations like Castle Greyhawk were set.
Pathfinder Background Generator
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From Ultimate Campaign, the background generator is intended to remove the creative pressure that can sometimes frustrate players as they try to flesh out the murky details of their characters' backgrounds. This generator provides these details with simple rolls of the die. Think of each element on the background generator's tables as a piece of story material that you can link together with other random pieces to create a story you otherwise might now have imagined.
Tis the Season for Giving: 10 Free PDFs for Your Home Games!
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Tis the Season for Giving: Twelve Free PDFs for Your Home Games! Christmas is fast approaching and that means that gifts are being bought for every child and semi-distant relative. The malls are packed with hordes of disgruntled parents pressing their way through the crowds, just hoping to find that perfect gift for each of their 2.5 children, while pickpockets’ sticky fingers cling to wallets not their own. It’s a mess that will leave many of us grouchy and resentful just in time to see the people who get under our skins the most for the holidays. This season of giving tends to put so many of us in a foul mood because of the pressure associated with finding that perfect gift. So for a few minutes let me take some of that tension away by presenting you with Ten FREE and Pay What You Want PDFs for your role-playing games! Happy Holidays!
What Happens If CODENAME: MORNINGSTAR Doesn't Fund?
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With 2 weeks to go, and only 13% of the $425,000 raised, and those two weeks being Christmas, the odds are that Codename: Morningstar won't fund. There might be a last-minute turnaround, of course, but the prognosis right now does not look hopeful. Trapdoor Technologies leader Chris Matney addressed the possibility, saying that "not pledging is telling the industry that you are happy with the status quo."
The Morningstar Proprietor's Guild
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With the second big announcement in as many days, Codename: Morningstar creators Trapdoor Tech has announced a local gaming store program which makes it worthwhile for stores to adopt the electronic platform for in-store game play. It's phrased as an invitation for store owners to reach out. The program gives your local game store a percentage of your purchases from the Morningstar online marketplace, allows stores to offer use of Morningstar free within the store, plus some gift cards.
Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit Map Tiles and Tokens
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Last week, we took a good look at the plastic figures included in Privateer Press' Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit box. Now they’ve got to have somewhere to explore and fight! That’s where the map tiles and tokens come in. The Adventure Kit comes with nine double-sided map tiles and 28 double-sided map tokens to allow for a host of different possible scenarios. Here’s an example of one of the encounter setups.
Trapdoor Tech Signs Up Cartographer Mike Schley
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Trapdoor Tech, the makers of the Codename: Morningstar electronic tools suite, has announced a new collaborative project - a "moddable battle map system" - with 5E Dungeon Master's Guide artist and cartographer Mike Schley. Part of Codename: Morningstar, it will be "a simple map building module - tile-based - with overlays that allow even the most artistically-challenged GM to create a great looking, printable map quickly."
Freeport: The City of Adventure
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Green Ronin's classic setting of Freeport is back, and this time for the Pathfinder RPG. "Clocking in at a massive 544 pages, Freeport: The City of Adventure lovingly details a metropolis that mixes fantasy tropes, piracy, and Lovecraftian horror into an action packed setting for your RPG campaign. The city is now more detailed than ever, with added locations, characters, hooks, and a brand new, full-length adventure."
Critical Hit Dungeon Wheel
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I missed this, and it has only 3 days left to go, but Pioneer Dungeons & Games has a Kickstarter for a Critical Hit Dungeon Wheel. When you score a critical hit, you spin the wheel to find out what happens. It's an interesting alternative to simply doubling damage dice or using a card deck to spice up those crits. The campaign is struggling - it's about $120 short of its $800 goal.

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