Campaign Guide: Shackled City Legacy PbP Game (Game Cancelled)


Riiight, urban druid! <Smacks forehead> What was I thinking. I'm thinknig he'd spend a lot of time near the water's edge of Crater Lake. There is the Lake Park near the Old Orphanage or we could have him start on Fish Street, taking in the sites and sounds. If you want o be a bit more morbid, he could be in the Graveyard making sure all the tenants are content.

Let's go with Lake Park. I'm thinking he is a true child of the city--an orphan who might well have resided at the Old Orphanage at some time and so this area is as close to him as it gets for him.

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World of Kulan DM
BTW, the first half of the campaign introduction is done. I've split the intro into two parts. The first is an overview of where the city once was and where it is now. The second half will give background for each PC.


World of Kulan DM
[MENTION=6814006]Thateous[/MENTION], I'm thinking of having your PC start at the City Library or in the House of Boccob. Another option would be at the Obsidian Marketplace in the eastern part of the city. There is also a shop called Skie's Treasury, which does a brisk trade in adventuring gear (especially magic items). Skie is very respected in the city.


World of Kulan DM
For MacConnell

Attn: [MENTION=6855223]MacConnell[/MENTION].

Oleander's map:
[sblock] Oleander's map.jpg

1. Elvin House
1a. Arininiia's Tower (personal residence)
2. Olvingrove
3. Solitude Tower
4. The Wall Lake
5. The Deep Depression
6. Gutter's Edge
7. Woeborough[/sblock]


World of Kulan DM
NPC Portraits

Vilmar Sorison: Sailmaker, friend and sometimes employer of Bravec.


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World of Kulan DM
The Zalachias

Father and daughter: Anikagar and Ketisa Zalachia. Anikagar is a wealthy cloth merchant and his daughter is bright young woman with a sense for details.


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