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I enjoy running PBP games, but one major flaw to them is that they are so slow, that I once estimated that to run one of the 5e Hardcovers in its entirety, would take TEN YEARS. (I'm three years into Tomb of Annihilation, skipping much grind, and we have not made it to the actual Tomb yet).

So, I've been thinking of running a nice palate-cleansing short adventure. I've been pretty busy, so it can't be anything that takes too much prep work. (Unlike, say, my Revel's End game, where I was writing the adventure myself, which I just couldn't find time to do. For those involved in that game, I promise, I will return to it some day!). I think that the Candlekeep Mysteries are nice and short, and we should be able to finish one without too much trouble.

I'm inclined to run "A Deep and Creeping Darkness" - a mystery of a missing mining town. I'm not married to it, if someone has another suggestion.

Character Gen Rules: Level Four.
I want to keep it simple:
  • No Feats. No multiclassing. No UA.
  • PHB, Xanathar's, and Tasha's are allowed, though, including Tasha's "optional features". (I haven't seen much of that stuff in play, so I'll allow it.)
  • Standard Array Abilities. (Yes, you can float your racial bonuses, but I want a story reason).
  • Take Average HP.
  • 400gp starting cash. You can buy common consumables, but no starting magic items.

So, anyone want to give it a shot?

EDIT: Looks like we have:
@KahlessNestor playing Ruznami Warmaker, Dwarf Abjurer Wizard
@Leatherhead playing Argenti, Genasi Warlock (tome pact with Aurumamma)
@DEFCON 1 playing Hawthorne Grandview, Inquisitive Rogue and mining consortium agent
@VLAD the Destroyer playing Kaliban, Psi-Warrior Gnome
@Steve Gorak playing Ethian Silvermoon, Elf Cleric
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I am interested. Need to think of a character concept.

It occurs to me that we might as well play TO the idea that the game starts in the Great Library of Candlekeep, rather than against it, so it might be a good idea to think of why your character might be there (and yet, why they might want to adventure, rather than just research or work at a library).

The "fee" to get into Candlekeep is a book that is not already in the library. That's if you came from the outside. I suppose it is possible to have grown up in Candlekeep, though the population is small. It's not really a city, or even a town: It's a Library on a rock overlooking the sea that has a lot of Wizard's towers built up around it.

I'll post more about it as people show up here.


how frequently do you prefer players to post? Daily? Twice a week? Weekly? Twice a day?
Good question! Generally, I say, "Try to keep up!" (meaning, if the game is moving along, don't be the one holding it up. If it's going slow, relax.) More specifically, I guess a couple of times a week is about as fast as I can keep up with, so about that. Sometimes it moves a little quicker, and sometimes a little slower. I'll "bug" you if you're the one holding it up.

There is one thing I'll ask, though: If you want to quit, JUST TELL ME. I don't like being ghosted, but I'm not a judgemental sort. We've all got lives to live, after all. I've never turned anyone away from coming back, either. Just be respectful and communicate - everything else is negotiable.


Looks like we have enough for it to be a go. Shouldn't take long, as far as PBP goes. They are short adventures. I'm really looking forward to a PBP game that has a definitive end goal. One solid adventure and done.

So, now we have players. Now we need some characters. I'll update the first post to add to the CharGen rules. Let's go with Standard Array and 400 gp equipment. Consumables are fine, but no permanent magic items.

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