Spelljammin' (5e PBP OOC) (Full)

Delph has no ranged attacks. So she'll take a ballista. Do you want us to just generate a bunch of attack rolls here in the OOC and they you can describe it all in the IC as the ships get close together?

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Delph has no ranged attacks. So she'll take a ballista. Do you want us to just generate a bunch of attack rolls here in the OOC and they you can describe it all in the IC as the ships get close together?
As I was laying it out I decided to just start our combat around where the ballista is effective, so you don't need to generate a bunch of attack rolls, just take a turn if you're on a ballista. There's two, so Delphine can take one, and someone can take another.

Ballista is +6 for 3d10. You can target the ship, or point it towards the parts of the ships with weapons (if you want to try to disrupt their fire), but they're not quite accurate enough to target individual people - leave that to any regular ranged attacks, assuming we have any. This goes both ways, so you'll be happy to know that I'm not going to (directly, anyway) shoot any of you with the mangonel that does 5d10. Again, it's something that the rules don't mention at all - what you can shoot at - but it seems like they meant for them to be used to attack the other ship. Everyone I've played with has always wanted to attack the other crew with them (in particular captains, of course) but I think I have a handle on it now.

You CAN "target the bridge" if you want... it has a chance to hurt the astral elves. (Though they are behind protective cover, unlike the crew of the Moondancer. Though both ship's Spelljamming Helms are below decks for a reason!

I hope that is starting to make sense.


Okay! I'm getting the impression that too many players don't feel that they can really do anything until the ships collide.

I'm going to rework the timing and positioning to move us along faster. Let's speed things along from the round we just rolled (if anyone hasn't made an attack that they wish to roll, go ahead, there's still a ballista that hasn't fired. I'll have Monty do it if no one steps up). But to be clear: We're going to go over these three rounds all at once to speed things up. The round that Nic & Charlie just rolled was T-3 (measuring to impact).

T-3: Ships move from 340ft apart to 255ft apart.
T-2: Ships move from 255ft apart to 170ft apart.
T-1: Ships move from 170ft apart to 85ft apart.
Round 1: Ships move from 85ft apart to impact
(Neither Ship is interested in ramming the other, so impact will be loud and scratch the paint, but not damage either ship or knock anyone over.)

So let's have everyone post for T-3 through T-1 (3 rounds. If you already posted for T-3, don't do it again). I'll give you a bit of time for it, and then I'll have the crew do anything that you don't. Plus, I'll roll for the Star Moth. If you want to wait it out, that's fine.

EDIT: We can assume that you fire any abilities at your ideal range during the round. Ballista are ranged120/480 & the Moth's Mangonel is 200/800. I put that there so I don't have to keep looking it up.
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Okay, just so we're not waiting on anyone who is waiting on me, here's where we're at:

Charlie missed twice with a Ballista but hit a crew AC 25 for 13 with EB.
Delphine missed twice & then critted with a Ballista for 29.
Glau passed out pikes, then raged & climbed into the tops.
Gunthar joined a ballista crew (let's say, Charlie's, as a loader until T-1, where he can fire).
Nic fired a gadget during T-3 but can still act for T-2 & T-1.
Phlox is ready & waiting.
Sanderson is waiting for closer range?
William is below decks keeping the refugees calm?

@Lidgar feel free to have Gunthar fire the T-1 Ballista shot (short range) while Charlie EBs.
@Kobold Stew is there anything you want to do when the ships get closer? At T-1?
@gnarlygninja are you around to play William?

Will get to R1 when everyone has chimed in. Got a gaggle of Moms coming over for BBQ tomorrow for Mother's Day, but I might find some time. Otherwise, Monday!

Steve Gorak

Hey folks,

I just posted Nic's actions for T-2 and T-1.

Also, a head's up that I'm getting shoulder surgery tomorrow, so I'll either be significantly more available, or dazed and confused and will be posting a bit less. If I fail to respond, please feel free to autopilot Gimlak.
See you all on the other side!


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