Candlekeep Mysteries (OOC Chat)

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Ha ha ha -- that would be perfect for a boxer like Crock Jon.
I don't know how the Meenlock's power is worded, but that would be fun.

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Steve Gorak

Items can do stuff that the fighter cannot (i.e. @FitzTheRuke can create custom item(s) with charges or some other mechanics) to help you.

There are also optional rules such as
Dark gifts (nice for the end of this campaign)
Draconic gifts
Epic boons
Supernatural gifts

Thanks for these ideas @Neurotic!
I haven't kept up to date with the newer books, and the gifts/boons seem fun. They also feel a bit like warlock invocations flavor-wise, with interesting & fun drawbacks.



I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
There is a slightly Janky way to get around fear: Blindfighting. If you can't see the target of your fear, you don't suffer from the downsides of fear, well except for the part where you can't get closer to them.
I, at my table, ignore obviously mechanical errors in favor of "yes, you closed your eyes, but you still know it's there" logic

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