What should I run next? (5e PBP)


My Candlekeep PBP game should be wrapping up soon(ish), and I've had several ideas what to run next, and I wouldn't mind your feedback. (Whether you're playing in that game, or one of my others, or would like to get involved, if you read along, or if you just like to give your opinion on things - All feedback is welcome!)

Here are the ideas I've toyed with:

1) Another Candlekeep Mystery (with a mix of the same characters and new ones).

- This would be the option to "just continue". It's what I probably figured I'd do for the longest time. BUT, I wasn't that impressed with the one that I ran, so I dunno...

2) The party setup from my Candlekeep game (The Agents of the Black Dragon Gate Mining Consortium) but with a new Mine to investigate.

- There are TWO mine-related stories in Radiant Citadel to chose from. This could either include going to the Citadel itself, or I can just 'port the adventures into FR. Either way. I've toyed in my head with both. I thought about this for awhile, and I like it (the adventures look pretty good, too!) Plus, they are SHORT. PBP takes FOREVER. The Candlekeep game that we're finishing up would probably have taken four to six HOURS to run IRL, and we've played for a year and a half! (I can tell you that I will NEVER decide to run a whole 5e AP hardcover in PBP again. I've been running Tomb of Annihilation for five or six YEARS.)

3) SPELLJAMMER. New characters. New game.

- This one has my attention ATM. I never played SJ back in the day (I was only running games on my own world back in 2e). But I like the look of the books, and I think it could be fun.

4) Vault of the Dracolich REDEUX.

- When I started running PBP games here on ENWorld, I first ran Vault of the Dracolich (A D&D Next Playtest Game Day adventure). It's built for multiple parties, so I can fit a lot of players (if there is interest) in. I've run it several times IRL, so prep-work would be at a minimum for me. I like this idea for lots of reasons (not the least of which is the lack of prep-work). It would be fun to share with you current ENWorld PBPers. Everyone (other than @Prickly Pear) who played in it is no longer playing PBP here, AFAIK. I'd like to share it with a new group.

Feedback Time: Anyone got any preferences? Comments?

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Spelljammer seems pretty rad, and I'm too young to have gotten to experience it. Most people my age don't seem to care about AD&D settings unless they started playing in middle school and caught the tail end of it.
But on the other hand my rule of thumb is to do whatever takes the least prep work.


I ran Spelljammer campaigns in 2E and they were alot of fun. Definitely a little strange, but a different take on your standard D&D game. I'd encourage this one. I'm looking forward to getting my copy in the mail this week and the 64-page campaign guide is a refreshing reprieve from 250+ campaign settings/adventures. I can read that and get a game up and running by the end of the week if I wanted.

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