What should I run next? (5e PBP)

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I have made a Tabaxi Eloquence Bard -- very unlike characters I often play. The subclass has ridiculous levels of Persuasion/Deception; I hadn't realized how OTT it was. I'm thinking someone who is, or claims to be, the personal ambassador of an ancient gold dragon. I think that's my top choice; def. a support character in combat.

The other possibility I've been playing about with a Fire Druid fairy -- whose wildfire companion is the impulsive, id-driven version of themselves that the other works to contain. Play the 90s teen angst music at full volume, as tensions between one parent's calm druidic training conflicts with the other parent's circus-party lifestyle.

Happy to play either.

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So... they announced "One D&D" (Their name for 50th Anniversary Core of 2024) today, with a public playtest.

We WILL be playtesting it for this game. What this means for YOU is, you can choose to build your character using the playtest stuff (available at NOON PST today on DNDBeyond). If you don't want to, that's absolutely fine. Your 5e character will work fine with it, and I will let you know anything that changes on my DM-end when and if it matters.

In a nutshell: What will be available today is Origins (New Race & Background builds). Backgrounds will come with Level One Feats (Feats will now have levels). I will use looking at this when approving feats if you make a regular-5e character with a free feat. I won't worry too much about it being "perfect".

Some other things that have been announced that we will use, just for your interest and information: Only Martial PCs can roll Crits (Spells and Monsters will no longer Crit). We will be using inspiration (something I never remember to do) which you will get whenever you roll a 20 on a d20. If you already have inspiration, you pass the new one to a PC who doesn't. (Inspiration is contagious! As is glorious success!) Oh, and 1's and 20's are always failure/success, even on Checks and Saves. More to come, presumably.

Kobold Stew

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Here are some quick observations (answering my own comment above -- also posted in the playtest materials thread):
  • All feats are fair game as background feats. This means anyone can start with Find Familiar now, if they want.
  • Anyone can learn Thieves Cant.
  • (Really cool) There's now Common Sign Language, as a separate language.
  • 1 language, 1 tool (not 2 and zero)
  • feats slightly re-written. e. g. Lucky was made STRONGER!?! (it's now prof bonus number of luck points)
  • Primal/Arcane/Divine spells now codified with selected spell lists (no post PHB spells?)
  • you no longer get a purse to hold your starting gold.


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Oof, the playtest Dragonborn is way worse than the Fizban's Dragonborn.

I have narrowed it down to Dragonborn Drakewarden (with Tasha's optional Ranger Rules) or an Ardling Aberrant Mind Sorcerer.


Possibly a Idiot.
That sounds cool too. What kind of animal head you talking?

The only worthwhile picks would have to be something that isn't already a character race, in order to make the most of it. After looking at the list, I realized I had only one true option.

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