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City of the Spider Queen (mini-campaign)


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Ok the last of my new adventures to start (and I will get back to the rest before you know it), is City of the Spider Queen.

Daggerdale is reeling from a sudden series of murderous drow raids. As a grave threat to the entire surface world develops in the war torn dark elf city of Maerimydra, intrepid heroes must discover its source and destory it, if they can.
Now for this I am adding a twist to character generation. The picture below is of the party that will be taking on this little adventure it is your jobs to bring them to life.

For now I am only looking for is a name, general personality traits, quirks, relation to other party members, short history of either how they came to join the group or what they have done since joining. Remember these are 10th lvl characters and you can post alittle about combat abilities (feats), and spell/skill usage. And a little on their equipment and how they use it.

You may describe as many of them as you wish all if you want. And please let me know which one you prefer to play. Also remember that this adventure is set in the Forgotten Realms and is 3.5

Have fun everyone.

EDIT: House rules
First is posting time during combat. I have seen where DM's have stated that they will wait a few days for a post before saying a character is delaying. It looks like a good way to keep combat flowing, so I will implement it in most of my games starting with this one.

Since this is a medium speed game (I think) I will say everyone has 4 days after I post up a recap to get their actions posted. It should be enough time and if you think you can't for an upcoming round go ahead and post some upcoming alternate actions I could use. If you post nothing then you will be delaying till you re-post.

Second will be Knowledge(Monster) checks or any check that you can resolve yourself. Everyone playing I'm sure is familiar with the rules enough to know if a check succeeds or fails on you. Unless you need a DC from me you can go ahead and post the actions success or failure. One of the things I enjoy most is reading your action posts.

So with monster checks which I think will be a big part of this game (alot of monsters). You can figure the DC out from the MM and roll. Then if you succeed take and add up all the SA and SQ's for that creature and roll randomly for which ability(ies) you remember or if you fail post up that.

Example the Bebilith's the DC is 22 and if you succeed they have 8 SAs and SQs altogether. You would roll a d8 and find the ability by going in order.

So if you rolled a 1 your character would know about the poison, or if you rolled a 5 they would know it has darkvision.

Those without a MM can use the srd.

http://www.enworld.org/forum/playing-game/290600-city-spider-queen.html - IC
http://www.enworld.org/forum/rogues-gallery/288211-heroes-who-will-brave-city-spider-queen.html - RG
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Intrigued about chargen from a group picture. Can think of some fun character types for several of them. I'm actually leaning toward playing the female. Her look actually has me thinking she might be some kind of bard (focused on perform: dance?), or an enchanter? As a dancer, she could probably get her in a few places the others wouldn't be as welcome. Though I'm never especially good at playing characters who are supposed to be charismatic 'face' types. lol.


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OK, looks like a bit of debate about what we are looking for here so time for something super left field ;)

What if that's not a shield the big guy is holding up? What if it's a miniature sarcophagus...and there's something in it...?

Mulhorandi pantheon is part of FR isn't it? What about a dwarven crusader, a devout worshipper of Anhur, who willingly transforms himself into a mummy so he can continue the fight against evil. When he's 'off duty', he just likes to go back to his nice warm coffin to meditate on the mysteries of the universe.
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Wow and this is why I wanted to do this I didn't even think of that, I was leaning toward ssomething else won't say yet so others can post about her.

If you find time to finish up please do I think the picture has a balanced looking party. Any other takers to my little experiment of fun?

EDIT: hey gruffle-ninja gaiden late in the S-K system I bet LOL hope to read up on what you think tomorrow, night.



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Would you allow an artifcer class? I'm particularly intrigued by the gun-wielder on the left. re: rules for the weapon do you have d20 Modern: Past? There's some rules in there for early firearms, particularly the wheellock weapons are interesting. I love the idea of a noble tinkerer who has been exiled from the family for his eccentricity, but he still considers himself one of them. Could be tied to the Gondsmen or be one himself


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Nothing is off the table as long as you can help me with the rules, that I probably don't have. That guy does have a better than everyone look about him doesn't he. See the way he stands off from the group. What I want to hear ideals about are his little red vials at his waist, some interesting things there.

Will tell you my first ideal when I first saw him after we get a group together.



I'd like to take a crack at playing the tall guy with the staff and beard. I'm picturing him as an Archivist (Heroes of Horror). Charming enough, but obsessed with learning the Ultimate Truth, and somewhat shell-shocked from some of the more horrific discoveries he's made in researching the gods of the Underdark. I'd have him use lots of knowledge skills and divinations to aid the party, as well as provide healing and buff support. Taking a feat to wear light armor, as in the picture, could fit the paranoid feeling I've got in mind for him.

Renard Foucault began his search for truth after an encounter with creatures of the Underdark in his childhood, some twenty years ago. He and his friends had been exploring the caves near their quiet crossroads trading town, when out of the darkness, some horrid, tentacled monstrosity reached out and snatched up Renard's friends. Renard ran back to town, but when the town watch returned, they found nothing but bare rock.

He comes to the party as a highly-recommended expert on all things fearsome, slimy, tentacled and subterranean. The woman you see hanging on his arm came as part of the deal--she may be the only thing keeping him sane these days.

His equipment largely consists of scrolls for situational spells, wands for healing and other frequently used spells, and assorted magical doodads. The staff pictured might be a Staff of Healing, if that's in his budget.

Oh, and thanks for starting this up! I've never played in the Realms, but it looks like great fun.


Thy wounds are healed!
Your quite welcome Hella-Tellah and that is a great intro for that character. Excatly what I am looking for.

I to noticed the light armor and for me my basic concept was he was a cleric of the god of magic. Or a cross classes wizard/cleric or wizard/rogue using rogue for diplomacy type skills he has the look of the leader in the group doesn't he.

Seems you noticed there isn't a stand out cleric in the group but I beileve everyone of them could possible be a cleric in one way or another. And truly possible in the Realms.

Ok that makes four out of five needed players so I will give others a chance. Will keep the debate going for the next week. On Aug 10th I will assign characters to those I feel have the best concept for each listed character and if you want to pick an alt you may.

And on Aug 10th I will assign character gene rules and start an RG. We can get to making characters and possible start this little campaign by the end of the month. As this is a module it won't be to hard for me to run. Although if you have read it don't expect me to go by the book I may add/subtract extra encounters (things that aren't really need for the story) as they will only slow down pbp. And add extra RP which is where you will get the majority of XP anyway.

Same with treasure I will tailor it around what your characters are and use and probably not keep it so firmly fixed.

Any other questions let me know.


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