Cubicle 7 Also Announces A New 'C7d20' System

Joining Paizo (which has hinted at plans to update Pathfinder), Kobold Press (with it's Black Flag project), MCDM (which is working on a new game), and--of course--Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition (which was released last year), Cubicle 7 has announced a new C7d20 System.

You heard it here first! C7d20, our brand new system, is in development. Building on the great d20 games we know and love, our system will offer all the exciting action-packed adventures players expect from a d20 fantasy game, as well as the broader styles of gaming that we’ve brought to 5e in Doctors and Daleks, Adventures in Middle-earth, and Uncharted Journeys.

C7d20 will be a complete rule set that is compatible with 5e — you’ll be able to use all of your favourite 5e books and supplements, including Uncharted Journeys and Broken Weave. A core rulebook for C7d20 will launch later this year and you’ll be able to see hints of what is to come when Broken Weave launches. We’re involved in discussions about open licensing and will have more news on this as the situation develops.


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Whizbang Dustyboots

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This discussion is focused on 5e compatible rules….not a new rules set and not one on PF2. I’m kinda missing the point of ORC as far as the design intent…which considering the WoTC related news, my interest in this is lower going forward is about as low as it can go.
That's because ORC isn't a design. It's a license.

The SRDs released through ORC will have the designs.

You are frustrated that a frying pan is a terrible houseplant. They're two completely different things.

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Yep, that's pretty cut-and-dry. Looks like we're getting exactly what we wanted!
Speak for yourself. ("We"?)



Limit Break Dancing
Speak for yourself. ("We"?)

Well yeah, of course I'm speaking for myself (and my gaming group). There's people out there who aren't going to be satisfied with this. Heck, some folks won't be satisfied with anything that Wizards of the Coast does, ever, if only because Wizards of the Coast is the one doing it.

The requests for multiple edition-specific SRDs, DM's Guild content, etc., were never really on the table to begin with. They'd be nice to have, sure, but they were clearly beyond the scope of this particular issue. This is an incredible win.
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The requests for multiple edition-specific SRDs, DM's Guild content, etc., were never really on the table to begin with. They'd be nice to have, sure, but they were clearly beyond the scope of this particular issue.
They are beyond the scope of the technical issue of the OGL debacle, but there's also the issue of real mistrust and distaste of Wizards/Hasbro.

Yep, I've happily moved on to A5E and other 3PP. See ya WOTC!

But yeah, if WOTC/Hasbro literally did all eight of amendatory actions I outlined, then I would be ethically impelled to reconsider my lifetime boycott.

Well, WOTC knows where to find me! hehe

Between the excellent work C7 did on AiME, when they had the Tolkein sub-license, and on Doctors & Daleks, this may be the winner for me. I only have the time, energy and money to mess with one system right now, so if not 1st party D&D, then this will be good. Now I just need to hear what the Esper Genesis people may do, if they even need to do anything.

Teo Twawki

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The word ‘balkanization’ is an inherently negative word, with connotations of ethnic state warfare and ethnic-based expulsions.
Cleansing, it was called thirty years ago.

I will leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine if this is offensive.
Sarajevan reader here. I find the use of the term not offensive, but highly problematic. It was coined to be incredibly pejorative by cultures with long histories of colonization through cultural hegemony. Other words could be used to better effect and with less ideological baggage. And that term carries a world war and several genocides in its luggage.

Personally, I'm not in favor of hindering the use of any language, just the education and self-awareness of its use. I'll have to put this word on the list to discuss in a graduate class I'm guest lecturing in this semester about cultural referencing and cross-cultural depictions. A few phrases, a novel and it's film adaptation, a couple of songs, and some rpg material are on the docket.

Use of the term in this context suggested either/both: many small game companies are being manipulated by greater ones in hope and expectation that the smaller ones conflict and slaughter each other so as to ignore bigger problems and/or the problems created by the OGL have created a situation so bad as to be comparable to a region subjected to colonization and the birthplace of the phrase ethnic cleansing (thanks, Ustaše). Neither of these things are likely the user's intended meaning of this term as metaphor (at least, I hope not; I don't wanna fight another war :p ). To use only one comparison, it's akin to someone claiming they work for slave wages (which would be, by definition, nothing) and whatever job someone complains about, it is almost certainly not one that is done for the wages of almost any slave in history. In this example, a more meaningful hyperbole might be servant wages, which could very arguably be true depending on the particulars of the job; used in a sentence: "garçon, more coffee... the restaurant owner pays your servile wages and expects us to compensate you for an accurate and speedy job!" <=employee denigrated as a servant and must perform according to expectation to earn a barely-sustainable salary.
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