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First Post
^See Unearthly Weapon Specialization.

Or are you looking for an excuse to get a vorpal attack on 100% of your attacks? If that's the case, why not just make a Trans. that says you instantly kill anything that isn't immune to crits? (And yes, that's overpowered, but...at that point, most melees will be instant-killing 90% of their enemies with one blow, anyway.)

Either way, I wouldn't allow such an ability, since, taken with UWS, you're looking at a cubic increase in damage that takes the numbers from "absurd" to...honestly, "stupid."

For example...oh, I don't know,

A Colossal First One wielding with 410 strength wielding a +300 Neutronium Greataxe.

So...922d10 +648 20/x3

Add the usual ability suite and we get

922d10 +658 14-20/x11

Add UWS and we get

101d1000 +7238 14-20/x11

Which, maximized, gives us 108,238 damage a hit. (and that's ignoring Power Attack which would factor a hell of a lot more damage onto that.) with a 35% chance to deal 1,190,618 damage.

Add your proposed ability and we get the crit damage on every hit. :|

Oh, and that's ignoring Uncanny Weapon Spec., since that would give us an even more stupidly outrageous number. Let's see...colossal greataxe does 4d12, doubled twelves times is...roughly 20,000d10 before adding UWS.

Bottom line: melee does not need anymore help.


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Ya I guess your right. It seems like the way the VSCs work is too powerful anyway. Speaking of vorpal I was thinking of making a ranged weapon equivalent of vorpal called, say, heartseeking. Would this be worth more or less than melee vorpal?


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I honestly think there should be some kind of limit on VSCs, personally. They just get hideously broken in the upper tiers. One of the things I entertained was, at a certain point, doubling the amount of strength needed to earn one. I never decided what a good cut-off was though. Maybe 10, since there are ten sizes in each strata?

And I think such an enchantment should be +6, since it presumably gets around the target needing a head. I imagine there's less things that lack hearts than lack heads. Just a thought.


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Heartseeking is just a descriptive term. I figure it would puncture a vital organ or other essential body part of the victim on a crit, thus killing them.


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Well, I'm just saying Vorpal cuts off the head, which quite a few creatures who *aren't* otherwise immune to crits are immune to. When you're dealing with internal anatomy...not so much. Still, I doubt it would be too broken to leave it at +5 for symmetry's sake.

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