D&D General D&D is so mainstream...

... that 5,000 miles and an entire continent away from where it's made, the BEHOLDER is a drink in a pub.

Mainstream media outlets regularly feature D&D, as do popular TV shows like The Big Bang Theory and Stranger Things, and now it's in pubs across the world!

The pub in question is The Hobbit, in Southampton. The ingredients of the Beholder appear to be melon liquer, blue curaçao, and vodka energy.


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I'm trying to form a joke about drinking so much and finding beauty in the eye of everything you behold but I'm failing.
I absolutely want to run a mini-campaign where players must find freedom, beauty, truth and love.

Beauty is obviously in the (central) eye of a beholder. Truth is in wine (a giant pool with some very drunk sahuagin in it), and love is in the (elemental plane of) air... not sure where to find freedom yet.

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