D&D Movie/TV D&D Movie Hit or Flop?


As long as i get to be the frog
Maybe it could happen like "the Bride Princess". In the begining it was a bomb, a flop, but later thanks the "mouth to mouth" it was a succes in the video rent, and today is a cult movie.

And we can't measure or cuantify with numbers the increase of popularity.

I reject to believe it was a flop. It was a fun movie, I enjoyed. It is only eclipsed by Mario Bros. It needs more time, when audience tells others it is a fun movie.
I think it will do great on streaming and video/dvd buys. But box office numbers I don’t think are going to get much better. Maybe internationally but domestically I think we have a good idea where it stands.

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I don’t see it rising in the revenue charts within the next few weeks
Upcoming competition
Popes exorcist, renfield and evil dead are possible strong competition to knock it out of top 5 along with covenant etc
Let’s be somewhat realistic. Outside of gamers there’s no buzz for this movie. The talk of the town right now is Mario. Then you’ve got playoff for basketball etc so a good chunk of the average viewers are not choosing this like they would LOTR
I have hopes that we could get future d&d movies but I think this 1 is a one off. I’ll be really curious if say critical role did a animated movie would it do better


D&D is basically unknown in China ( I lived there). Does not surprise me that there were low numbers.
Honestly surprised they let the movie air there, considering there’s a whole scene dedicated to reviving the dead… isn’t that sort of thing usually a big no-no in China? Hong Kong Disney doesn't have a haunted mansion ride because ghosts are kind of a big deal.

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