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Full Moon Storyteller
They only let in a certain amount of US movie a year, so it’s surprising they went for this one. I wonder what it was rated over there.
It's the number 3 movie in China btw. There's a China-specific release, then Mario and then D&D at just over half Mario with 6 million+

Turns out no one is going to the movies in China this month

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Argyle King

Did you enjoy the movie? If you're lied to, and you enjoyed the movie, enough so that you'd recommend it to friends, it doesn't really matter if they lied to you or not.

If on the other hand, you didn't even go to the movie at all, because the advertising seemed bad — that maze arena as an example? wut? why are people running into a maze to mostly die? If something seems really stupid without the explanation in the movie, don't show it as a commercial — they really should have just basically copied the Guardians of the Galaxy advertisements straight up and set a scene in the movie to identify the characters in just the same way that Guardians of the Galaxy advertised what each character could do. Short, simple, nothing complicated.

The problem that D&DHAT is having is enough people aren't going to the movie theater to watch it in the first place. They're not recommending it to their friends even if they'd love it because they never saw it.

I agree that the marketing was somewhat bad.

I mentioned that in the other thread:

Post in thread 'Here Come The D&D Movie Gaming Tie-Ins!' D&D Movie/TV - Here Come The D&D Movie Gaming Tie-Ins!

I don’t see it rising in the revenue charts within the next few weeks
Upcoming competition
Popes exorcist, renfield and evil dead are possible strong competition to knock it out of top 5 along with covenant etc
Let’s be somewhat realistic. Outside of gamers there’s no buzz for this movie. The talk of the town right now is Mario. Then you’ve got playoff for basketball etc so a good chunk of the average viewers are not choosing this like they would LOTR
I have hopes that we could get future d&d movies but I think this 1 is a one off. I’ll be really curious if say critical role did a animated movie would it do better

Yeah I think this movie is doing well enough for for more D&D movies, but not for sequels. I think it leaned too hard on marvel vibes at a time when alot of folks are getting bored with marvel movies.

Also a more moderate budget next time would be sensible.

It's the number 3 movie in China btw. There's a China-specific release, then Mario and then D&D at just over half Mario with 6 million+

Turns out no one is going to the movies in China this month
There is a bad sand storm now and a lot of people are not going out if they can avoid it, but the D&D movie still opened pretty weak in China.


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You are just pouting that you got caught in a Lie

Mod Note:
Rule #1: Keep it civil.

The point at which you are calling folks liars is the time you should be walking away from the conversation. If they are liars, there's no point in continuing. If they aren't, you just made a major blunder.

This discussion should continue without any other accusations of lying flying around.


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I can see it isn't doing as well. I saw it on opening weekend and it was on many screens with one projection starting roughly every hour. This week I went to see Mario, and it was only on one screen and it was shared with another movie, while Mario was the movie in multiple screens with one projection starting every half hour or so. Things aren't looking as bright.

I hope to at least snatch one hard copy once it comes out in Bluray

One indicator I'm keeping an eye on is the AO3 scale, which is something of a guide as to the impact a movie has had on online geek pop culture (albeit on that's only really accurate after about the mid-late 2000s when AO3 came online).

The AO3 scale is, simply, the number of fanfics inspired by a given property that are published on Home | Archive of Our Own

Obviously it's a bit of a lagging indicator (writing takes time...) but it's a slow start. We're sitting on 32 after the opening weekend (most of which concern Edgin gettin' it on with either Xenk or Forge, but that's AO3 for ya). Other films with 32 on the AO3 scale are ... I Robot starring Will Smith from 2004, or the legendary 2012 flop John Carter. but, when i checked on Saturday it was only 6, so we're making progress.

By comparison, John Wick (all the movies) is in the 1400s (lower than i expected, perhaps the fanfic-writing demographic and the lotsa-guns-action-movie demographic don't overlap too much), Avatar (likewise, both films) is in the 3100s. The really big dogs like Harry Potter and the MCU are in the half million region,

A few weeks in, and the response on the AO3 scale is still pretty mediocre. We're up to 114 now, with the Edgin/Xenk theme continuing. This puts the film in the same bracket as Dark City, Withnail and I, and the live-action version of Cats. Hardly the stuff that shapes the popular culture zeitgeist.

There is however a surprising amount of these 114 that are written in Chinese (I can't tell whether it's Cantonese or Mandarin, sorry, and I strongly suspect that these were not written in China, because holy crap AO3 would surely be blocked over there so fast that Speedy Gonzalez would take impressed note).

While i know very little about financial success metrics for films, and I'm not going to get involved in that conversation, I think at this point we can rule out the 'hit' option of the question in the post title.

I can understand the movie will arrive later, because now everybody is waching Mario Bros, the new star in the party, but we shouldn't think it was a flop. Paramount couldn't pay all the youtuber critics to say it was fun. For a little short of time it was the number 1st.

The movie was fun. A different thing is about if the promotion was enough.

And I can't believe the last titles of UCM still make more money when everybody is saying they are being a flop.

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