Dark Fairytale IC


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"Maybe we could go in pairs. With the rope wound around the pipe several times and anchored by one while the other climbs. And we go like a caterpillar, head goes, tail goes, head goes, tail goes."

Leonan is not averse to risk, but is not stupid.
"That is, of course, if we cannot find a way down. Guards, is there a safe way down?"

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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"Creepy, creepy." sing-songs the bard. "I have just a story..." stopping as the slight echo is heard "...which I will tell you in the tavern over a wine. Definitely not here."


Shildor lowers him self over the the edge of the cliff before rapidly descending the cliff face with ease after a 200ft climb there is a significant increase in heat and the previously temperate cavern now feels like a hot summers day, there is a ledge on either side of the cliff that allows for resting while the rest of the party arrives.

" 'ight I'll head next." Dale says sheepishly as he lowers himself over the edge.

GM: dc 12 athletics checks to climb down, Shildor's high roll will allow one person to roll with advantage and if someone would like to make me a knowledge nature check.

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